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Fender Blues DeVille 410 Reissue Guitar Amp

The Fender Blues DeVille 410 Reissue Guitar Amp, a reinterpretation of the classic Bassman amp, produces 60W into 4-10" Eminence alnico-magnet speakers with an all-tube preamp and power amp. The tube complement features 3 - 12AX7s and 2 - 6L6s. The ...

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The classic Fender tones of the Bassman with 4x10 breakup! featured

Sound Long before my days of shredding and metal, I played blues alot and I still play jazz in my spare time today - and I couldn't help but turn to the beautiful sparkle of a clean Fender amp! Well, the Blues DeVille is essentially the original Bassman 6L6 powered circuitry giving a mammoth 4x10 combo all she's got - and MAN it's alot...and it's also kind of noisy.

I've also owned a Blues Deluxe and (my personal favorite) a Blues Junior. I've played a real '61 Bassman 2x12 combo, and comparing the two is very different. The modern 4x10 reissue, as you would expect, has much more high end sparkle and clang with single coils from a Tele and strat. It nails the early John Mayer tones on the clean channel, but the built in spring reverb isn't the amazing wet/saturated reverb most have come to love from the iconic Fender Twin (and Junior). It's also very noisy as I mentioned earlier. The HUGE DeVille 4x10 sure looks impressive on stage but switching to the overdrive channel produces alot of "frying egg" sound with single coils that's terribly hard to clean up, and even harder if using an overdrive or fuzz box for a classic 1960's/1970's sound - which by the way the 4x10 NAILS! While it doesn't have as much low end thump as the 2x12, it definitely moves air and has a certain breakup all its own. The midrange sings and the high end is wonderful. Each note sings out and sustains into a pure sonic bliss that is uniquely Fender. The 4x10 excepts effects very very well, which is what I'd say its greatest high point is.

60 watts of clean Fender power is alot...and I mean alot...I eventually swapped the sparkly Eminence speakers for Neodymium Jensen's (geared for fuzz and distortion) and MAN could this combo punch you in the face. While I dearly wished the Blues DeVille 4x10 had a better reverb tank like the Twin, it's Bassman sound is totally different, plus it has an all seperate dirty channel and a bright switch to play with your sound for humbuckers.

Like all Fender combo's - I found changing tubes and speakers to be the biggest and most fun tonal changing thing to do. HUGE tonal variations there, plus fuzz boxes and humbuckers = hours of fun. Not to mention its a Fender; it's that classic clean sound!

Reliability Fender's are great for reliability, as long as you watch you power tubes. Just like Marshalls, Fenders may need a bias adjustment over time depending on how hard you use them and what kind of tubes you use. I had mine adjusted cold so I could run ridiculous tube combinations and not fry my transformer and it sound awesome with fuzz boxes and still have a sweet jazz tone. It's always important to keep your gear in check; especially tube amps.

Customer Support While Fender USA is hardly Fender USA anymore, their US based customer support is still great. I personally haven't had to contact them in regards to my amps/guitars in awhile, but one of my studio's vintage Fender's burned up a tube and damaged a tube socket and they repaired it within a reasonable time.

Liked about it 1) Classic sparkly Fender Bassman tones
2) Added a new dirty channel
3) 4x10's add a great tonal dimension

Didn't like 1) Spring reverb is kind of lacking
2) Dirty channel isn't amazingly dirty
3) Fender Twin simply has it beat

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By SonicProvocateur
Mar 11, 2010
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Price: $1049 to $1049
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