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Fender FM 412 4x12" 100 Watt 4-Ohm Cabinet

The Fender® FM412 slant enclosure is the companion to the Optional Fender® Frontman FM100H head. The FM412 includes four all-new 12-inch Fender® Special Design Sound-Tested Drivers, and is made with premium wood ply construction (NOT particle board)...

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Fender HM 4-12 A 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinet Delivers the Tone!!

Sound The Fender HM 4-12 A 4x12 Speaker Cabinet was designed as the counterpart to the Fender HM (Heavy Metal) line of amplifiers. I bought this cabinet because everything I plugged into it sounded good: solid-state AND tube amps, low-wattage and high wattage. I had to do a lot of internet research on this cabinet because it's no longer made. There's not a ton of information out there but according to internet research this cabinet has Eminence-designed Fender-branded speakers (according to the speaker codes). They're supposedly 30-watt speakers making this a 120-watt cabinet. The jack plate shows it as an 8-ohm cabinet and a multi-meter check confirms. The cabinet is also-stereo ready and sounds great with a good delay like a BOSS DD-20 or Eventide TimeFactor. This cabinet was designed for metal so the speakers break up fairly early but you can still coax good clean tones out of the cabinet. Covered in gray tolex and standard casters (although small) this is a great value cabinet and evidently somewhat of a sleeper.

Reliability Never had a problem with it. Sounded much better after I re-wired it with Monster speaker wire.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them.

Liked about it Sounds great no matter what I plug into it.
Front-loaded so speaker and wiring access is easy. Front grill attaches with Velcro so you can easily take it off to alter the tone for the room if needed.
Standard Casters and fuzzy tolex wears extremely well.

Didn't like Casters are a little small.
120-watt rating makes it not usable with higher-wattage amps.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
May 20, 2012
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