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Fender Vintage Reissue '65 Twin Reverb Guitar Amp

Musical Instruments

Price: $805 to $1399 at 3 stores
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An amp like no other

Sound Now, as you can imagine, this might think this is a bit bias since this it my MAIN amp. I never do a gig without it and you'll learn why pretty soon.

My relationship with this amp is fickle, its had its ups and downs (But what doesn't?) Let me provide a little bit of history about the amp.

This amp was made long ago originally for Keyboards since Rotating speakers are a pain to carry about this amp also had a setting to emulate it. However guitarists started using it and it was beautiful.

Now for those of you who are new to things like this your thinking, "Hang on, there's no gain channel, only clean? Eh?" well that's because this amp invented to stay clean for as long as possible (Its a keyboard amp duh) and of course back in the 50s and 60s PA's sucked so all amps used professionally in that time tended to be loud (Thus Marshall Stacks).

Tangent avoiding, the review:

This amp IS clean. like Heinz baked beans ARE the best baked beans and blu tak IS the best non permanent sticky goo substance.

The tone of this amp is so clean, sparkling and just impossibly amazing. It will also stay like that till high in the volume where will distort, and distort VIOLENTLY. The overdriven sound can be heard on most early WHO albums.

Also, thanks to the tilt back legs, the sound is more dispersed that a regular standing amp.
The reverb is also ENDLESS, you will never find such a lush reverb anywhere else.
The vibrato is also too really cool, has some great uses.

However this amp is LOUD. You know them stacks of amps that are about 200watts? Yes this amp maybe only 85watts but the watts are used more efficiently in the twin and it will be JUST as loud, if not louder. Serious. This is a LOUD amp.

Sadly on that, this makes this amp difficult to use. You'll find yourself doing a gig with it on one and a half, maybe two or three, and the sound man will still be shouting, "ITS TOO LOUD".

Because as i said, back in the 50s PAs sucked, so they had to be loud, however, in modern days, PAs are great so anything above 50watts tends to be overkill. And that is the one flaw. Well actually the second flaw is that this amp is DAMN heavy. Very weighty. But it comes with wheels so its not too bad.

Reliability How can i put this.... All twins are hand made in America, but also they're INCREDIBLY tough. over the past two years mine has taken so many falls and knocks its bordering on Amp Abuse. Recently it fell over during transport snapped the reverb knob right off, but i simply stuck another knob on it and the amp is completely working.

I also had a friend who was carrying it down to a gig down some spiral stairs and accidentally dropped is down the side about 60 feet.

Of course the amp smashed into a lot of pieces. However, he picked it all up, propped the speakers against a chair, plugged into what he thought was the input jack and it completely worked, even the reverb. Mesa Boogie claim the same thing but I'm not swoon by it this far.

Also this amp is very simple inside, easy to repair and Modify.

Customer Support Fender are alright, the local shops, not so much

Liked about it Sound!!! Unique, amazing, hard to describe, you have to listen to it to believe it.
Looks cool
Tilt back legs get sound out
reverb is lush and amazing
Vibrato is cool sounding and useful
the 1 and 2 inputs offer low or high impedance inputs
Pretty good price for a handmade USA amp!

Didn't like no gain channel
Too loud
Too heavy
No fx loop (You only need it for reverb really)

Overall the best sounding Clean ever made, i want to say perfect sound but not perfectly convenient.

Good for indie, Blues, Jazz, anything with clean, or clean with a bit of grit! (A 5 for these people)
Ive even used it as a pa! Its a great, handy amp!

Not good if you like metal.

The only amp that's perfectly stood the test of time, and instant classic, with a few faults that prove the fact.

Yours clean and lush,
Big The Cat

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By Big The Cat
Dec 18, 2010
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Price: $805 to $1399
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