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Laney LC15 15W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

Musical Instruments:Electronic Instruments:Keyboard Cases

Price: $159 to $278 at 4 stores
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small gig worthy

Sound for a small amp with a tiny ten inch speaker this amp packs a huge punch. as a laney fan i can tell you you can get paul gilber tones from this amp at a fraction of the has a mild tone and sounds great miced to a p.a.

Reliability as for all tube amps you are going to have to buy tubes but in this case i would use a mice and save the amp from gigh volumes to save the tubes.all my laney amps are rock solid and i trust them with my life.

Customer Support ive never delt with laney but know they are in the u.k.

Liked about it i love the puch this tiny amp punches and suprise anyone of its sound.
if you like a british tone this amp carries it home .and its a tube amp.
i love the design of laney amps and the way they look and they work well with line 6 pod x3 live.

Didn't like well obviuosly its small but all amps cant be big.
i wish the smaller amps would come with built in effects to justify their small recording use.
maybe they could have a cooler color range other than black or black or black hahaha.

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By andrewsfury
Oct 18, 2009
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Price: $159 to $278
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at 4 stores

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