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Laney LC15R 15W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

Musical Instruments:Electronic Instruments:Keyboard Cases

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Kind of expensive, but a great little amp

Sound I played my RG550 20th (dimarzio EVO in bridge, dimarzio YJM single coil, and dimarzio PAF pro neck) and my Fender Yngwie strat through this amp. The sound was great. For being a 15w amp, it's pretty damn loud. I played some blues, rock, etc and it fit each style just fine. The clean channel is nice and crisp and the distortion isn't the greatest, but it's a great amp.

Reliability I had the amp for about two years and it never failed me once.

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Liked about it I liked the small size of the amp, the power that comes from the amp and the different kind of tones you could get out of it.

Didn't like Not much except for price.

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By Paul C Oct 19, 2009
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