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Line 6 Vetta II 300W Stereo Guitar Combo Amp

Vetta II 150-Watt Stereo Guitar Amplifier Guitar Amps & Cabinets Raise the roof with Line 6's Vetta II 150-Watt Stereo Guitar Amplifier. This amp has two Celestion 12 speakers and an unbelievable amount of effects. This amp can be easily customized ...

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it was great until it stopped working

Sound The sounds on this amp were really amazing. Tons of different voices, effects, amps, combinations. The amp looked to be built quite well too.

Reliability About 30 days after I bought this amp used from a local big name music store it stopped powering up for me. It turns that the certain issue is not uncommon for the Vetta line of amps. Rather than go through the hassle to deal with it I was just within my 30-day window to return the amp back to the music store for a refund. I chose to return it. I would personally not trust this amp on any kind of gig. I know that quite a few have good luck with these amps. I just personally do not wish to gamble like that.

Customer Support Every time I've had to contact Line6 support they have always been very good, fast, and pleasant to deal with. I'm sure they would have helped here, but I chose to return the amp.

Liked about it Tons of voices. Lots of combinations. Whatever kind of tone is in your head the chances are very good that you'll find it here in the Vetta.

Didn't like reliability. the amp stopped working for me. I personally wouldn't be able to trust the Vetta II on a gig situation. I'm just very lucky I wasn't at a gig when the amp stopped working. Again, YMMV here. This amp may have had issues already with it before it was sold to me.

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By Superuser
Feb 02, 2010
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