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Line 6 Vetta II HD 300W Stereo Guitar Amp Head

Vetta II is the latest evolution of Line 6's flagship Vetta amp family. Vetta II contains a complete arsenal of amps, stompboxes, and studio-quality effects ready to be instantly wired up and tweaked to perfection at the touch of a button. Vetta II ...

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Line 6 Vetta II HD

Sound I play a variety of guitars - but almost exclusively super strats with Floyds and bridge Humbuckers. My Ibanez's have either V2 or Dimarzio SD, although for a little while my RGT has an Evo 2 in it. My Washburns are primarily with a SD JB. Lastly I have a Fernandes Sustainer as well. Sound wise, I play hard rock - a la late 80's/early 90's ad influenced by a variety of bands. As a result, I'm not looking for 'brutal' or 'skullcrushing' or whatever silly terms the metallers use ;-) I want a good variety of usable sounds, from the clean to the high gain and beyond.

The Vetta, as all modelers, are often derided by purists who like the sound of a high driven tube. No problem with that, I like it. But I've had reliability issues with every valve amp I've ever owned and so I gravitated to solid state. What interested me in the Vetta was the inbuilt effects. Tear down and set up is easily when its - head/cab/footswitch (with the occasional voice box as well).

Sound wise, the large number of modeled amps and fx's can often be intimidating. I believe that was part of the reason the Vetta is discontinued whilst other Line6 Modelers are sold. But throw away the presets, and spend a day in a practice room and you soon get to grips with the amps. You learn the good amps it holds, the good fx and work with them.

Myself - although I tend not to like 'real' Marshall's, I use the Marshall JCM2000 models with some of the other boutique models such as the Angel PBall (?) and the 5150 model. Distortion wise I use the ProCo Rat simulation, and then add delay/mod/reverb to match.

Don't expect a Vetta to give you great tone on day one. There's a lot to it, and it will take a while to sort through what you don't like to get the diamonds in the dirt...

Reliability I bought this from a shop closing down, and got a bargain price. On arrival it was dead, because a connector had shaken loose. Since then. three years on (touch wood) it's been rock solid. Much as I would like to afford a second Vetta, i can't! But I've done a large number of gigs with this guitar, and once people get over the appearance (once described as a 'car stereo lookalike') I've had largely positive comments on tone etc...

Customer Support Yes - for other Line6 products. Very helpful.

Liked about it 1) Large number of usable models - great to get varied, usable sounds
2) large numbers of inputs/outputs for recording
3) With the Longboard footswitch, every part of the amp is tweak-able live

Didn't like 1) Sometimes large amount is too much... some of the more... weird fx could be dropped
2) The combo has a headphone socket, this doesn't..... shame
3) Ca be very sensitive to the right cab. Some cab's show up the large bass response of this amp and removing the 'thoomp' of the bass can be tricky

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By arykala
Apr 15, 2011
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