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Peavey ValveKing 212 Combo Amp

Peavey ValveKing Amplifiers are All-tube guitar amps that combine boutique features and hot-rodded tones with legendary Peavey reliability.ValveKing amps feature a patent-pending, variable Class A/B control called Textureâ„¢, which allows sweepable ...

Price: $425 to $425 at 1 stores
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My favorite amp so far featured

Sound The valveking really does cover a lot of ground tonally the two channels are versatile, the clean is really really nice and the overdrives are good, I no longer have the stock tubes bu I have played the 112 and 212 in stores and was able to dial in great sounds as well.

The cleans are slightly better due to the new tubes and the overdrive is much smoother(more usable gain) at higher gain settings, it can cover a range of sounds from fairly modern metal, Gary Moore esque high gains, hair metal and a crunchier rock sound.. It takes pedals well, and works very nicely with the Boss GT-8. the FX loop is front munted however I find that convienient rather than a hindrance. I lso find the texture control to beh very usable allthough subtle, and it works better on certain settings for certain styles than others... full A/B for modern metal full class A for slightly broken up overdrives... It can be noisy but nomoreso than other valve amps, a noise gate like the GT-8's inbuilt one or NS-2 works well I reccomend using the four cable method which runs the unit into the front end of the amp and FX loop, which seems to work best with the boss products.

It also is very usable at quieter volumes at home, infact I found it more usable at home than the blackstar HT-5 combo which was great at band practise levels but wasent quiet enough at home... It also sustains incredibly well and has great feedback...

Reliability Mine has been reliable as anything else I have owned this for a few years now, and have had no problems with the working of the amp it will require tube changes and some other minor tweaks that all tube amps do, however the fixed and colder bias from peavey should ensure a long long tube life, this also makes power ube changes a doddle if using the correct type 6l6GC's.

Customer Support Bought used so afaik no customer support is available but I don't think I've heard anything bad about peavey...

Liked about it Top 3 would have to be overall tone, versatility and value, even with the current prices they are still incredible value for money..

Didn't like I suppose many would dislike the front mounted FX loop, and it does use the cheaper plastic peavey two button footswitch, however it seems fairly solid to me, it also has an open back cabinet, which may not suit everyone, I will add that changing the tubes can be a little awkward due to the location of the tubes near the speakers, makes unscrewing the tube mounts tricky, however that's a minor complaint in the grand scheme of things..

Overall satisfaction:

By ozzuk
Feb 25, 2011
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Price: $425 to $425
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On the hunt for the VAN HALEN brown tone?? a good featured

Sound Years ago i owned a 5150 mkI head and 4x12 cab, the best dam amp i ever owned, it had a hotplate fitted to drive down the volume whilst the tubes were driven and had that perfect brown tone. But alas was just too dam big to transport about for gigging. So what`s the alternative, if your on a lower budget??

Take a look at the Peavey Valveking 2x12. It has 4 meaty 6L6GC`s in the pre-amp and 3 x 12AX7`s in the power amp section.

Starting with the clean channel, which is very clean and has push buttons for normal or bright for typical strat tones. Using the tone and resonance/presence controls you can find almost any tone you want, but it takes a lot of trial and error, but the tonal spectrum available is vast.

Gain & lead boost, like with all valve amps you need to drive the valves, turn down the volume control on that channel but ramp up the master volume, woah.!! yeah.!!

Built in reverb which is not bad, i connect a BOSS GT8 to this amp and they work well together, the GT8 has a good noisegate which is very handy with the amp on full chat.

All in all, i like this amp, and for the price bracket is more or less unbeatable.

Reliability I havent gigged it yet but this is the sole purpose why i bought it as its ideal for my Guns & Roses tribute band, sounds superb with my high-end epiphone sunburst les paul standard. I always keep spare valves though.

Customer Support No dealings yet.

Liked about it When you finally get the settings right and find the tone you want this thing is superb, its always a good idea to photograph the front panel when you find a good setting. Price, in the UK, these are now only £350, its an absolute steal, how many good 2x12 valve amps can you find for £350 or $560?

Perfect for my band, good volume, stays sharp on full chat.

Didn't like Like most amps of this size, its very very heavy, but ruggedly built. Because of its massive tonal potential it takes a lot of tweaking to get the sound you want. Apart from that, no real complaints.

When on full chat, depending on what guitar you use, if you have high powered pickups you will need a noise suppressor of some kind, the BOSS works well.

Overall satisfaction:

By Aeolian555
Oct 08, 2009
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Price: $425 to $425
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at 1 stores

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