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Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 120W 2x12 Guitar Tube Amp Black

The Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Guitar Combo Amplifier pushes the Vypyr series to the limit with this High-output, Tube-powered Amp.A single 12AX7 preamp tube, and 4 6L6GC power tubes, the Vypyr 120 gives players warm overtones and high wattage to ...

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Not a bad modeling amp, but not as good as what it models

Sound I walked in to guitar center looking at the big fat heads, and next to the heads I see a amp called the "Vypyr" and I noticed it emulates the 6505, dsl, plexi, jsx, xxx, and the rectifier. What really drew me to this amp the first time is that I noticed it was a 120watt 2x12 valve(?) 6L6 amp that's not a guitar head with so much power and without a doubt it gives you almost convincing tones that sound a bit synthetic and a bit weak compared to the amps this amp is trying to emulate, but it does a WAY better job then software modelers with a low-mid end DI-interface.

Lets talk effects, why the heck does this amp have NO DELAY? What gives Peavey? but it has a reverse, looper and octoverb option? sigh..... at least all the effects sound good, and you can use the effects simultaneously which is a big plus with each effect having editing abilities.

Last I noticed it had a usb out port so maybe it can be used for direct recording (which I would only do if miking a guitar is not a available/comfortable option maybe due to no mic or night time with neighbors sleeping)

Amp overall is pretty good with plenty of options with tone and effects and lots of possibilities when looking for different sounds.

Reliability Since I dont own one, I guess it would be best used at home or for studio recordings.

Customer Support Never dealt with peavey.

Liked about it Size

lots to chose from when it comes to tone,effects and presets.

Simulaneous effect use

Effects can be edited

Didn't like No Delay effect? come'on man.

Not very clear at loud volumes, infact sound woofy or muddy imo.

Sounds pre processed/Pre EQ'ed even with the 6L6

A bit Digital

Over all not a bad amp, but just does not have what im looking for in a amp... Or the fact that im a fan of Head's and fender solidstates...

Overall satisfaction:

By Aires
Apr 24, 2012
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