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Peavey Windsor Studio 20W 1x12 Tube Combo Amp Black

The Peavey Windsor Studio features a single-channel with a footswitchable Boost button, which increases the preamp level to allow the flexibility of a dual-channel amp plus control over the dynamic response and rich distortion characteristics of its...

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Not really the tube versatility I was expecting from Peavey. featured

Sound When firing this puppy up on several occasions and with several different guitars I expected something along the lines of a Marshall type tone and really what I was met with was tube mud. On just about every setting and EQ path, guitar articulation seemed to get lost in dark saturation and fat hard rock tones. Clean tones never really seemed to come out at all through this amp, I couldn't find a single one that worked without using the guitars volume knob to roll off the gain, and even then the amp never got out of the "grit" zone, into anything that was truly clean. For blues and classic rock players looking for that mushy, Class-A tube amp sound that lacks articulation and control, this amp may be for you. The spring reverb does sound pretty good, but I was also direly dissapointed to find that the "power soak" feature didn't work at all, its pretty much a useless knob.

Reliability I'm sure its reliable. Peavey builds things like tanks.

Customer Support Peavey has great customer support.

Liked about it 1) Its cheap...
2) If you play ulgy blues, it'd work for you.
3) Thats about it.

Didn't like 1) Almost incapable of clean tones
2) Sounded like mud on every setting
3) Terrible articulation for a tube amp

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By SonicProvocateur
Dec 11, 2009
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