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Randall MTS Series RM100 100W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp without Modules Bl...

Shape it to your exact tonal preferences by configuring the RM100C1 with any of 18 preamps 3 at a time! Includes all-tube Clean, Treadplate, and Ultra plug-in preamp modules. A pair of Celestion G12T-75s translate all that tubal purity into rich ...

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Sound Befor I had the RM100, I had a Randall RM20b. It was a one module combo. I got tired of changing modules in and out of the amp, so I upgraded to the 100 watt, 3 preamp version. I'm glad I did. The exchangeable preamps give me an endless combination for tone shapeing. If I don't like the tubes, I can bias the amp for any kind of power tubes. I also really like the speakers. The amp is HEAVY, but transport is rather easy because of the combo design.

Reliability There's a bit of extra tolex near the power tubes and sometimes the tubes make the tolex heat up and smoke. Other than that, It's built like a rock.

Customer Support Randall has an active message board and lots of help can be found if you have any questions or need a module or amp to be modded.

Liked about it I can change every preamp. Amazing tone. Flexability.

Didn't like Pretty heavy to lift. It weighs over 100 Lbs. Can't run 2 different power tubes at once. I'd like it to have even more space for modules.

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By The Rossness
Jan 30, 2010
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