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Randall RS412XC 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinet Black

Musical Instruments:Guitar:Guitar Amplifiers:Electric

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Best entry-grade solution

Sound I use it with my Randall RH150G3 head and a 100W Peavey ValveKing, with my guitar tuned 2 whole steps down. Packed with 4 Celestion seventy-80s, it's just perfect for the sound I was looking for. It is highly capable of handling the brutal bass tones of the Randall head, and also sounds great when it comes to playing using the clean channel. The only "bad habit" I have noticed was that sometimes annoying deep rumbling because of the low build quality of the box, but nothing a few minor tweaks couldn't fix. Otherwise it has a great all-round performance.
I once wanted to try the limits of my amp, but I couldn't reach the limits of the cabinet.

Reliability It's 100% reliable. I've been touring the country with two of it for 2 years now... But well, what could go wrong with a cabinet if you don't drop it or run over it with the tour bus?

Customer Support Once I had some questions about their footswitches, and they were very friendly and helpful.

Liked about it I bought this cabinet as a low budget solution for my serious lack of on-stage power, and it has proven to be much more than one would expect after having a look at its low price. I mean what can you buy for around $500? Yeah, there are some cheap cabs on the market that come packed with cheap low-end Celestion or Eminence or even worse speakers that sound like granny's pocket radio. Most of them are a total waste of money. This one however is loaded with 4 Celestion seventy-80s that are a perfect match for anything an entry-grade (or mid-grade) tube or solid-state amp can throw at it. I've tried it with my Randall head, with a 100W Peavey ValveKing, some old all-tube Marshall head, and it all sounded great.
It could perfectly handle whatever I had in store for it so far, so it's perfect for the bass tones of my guitar sound. I even use an octaver in one of our songs and it handled notes one octave below my tuning without a problem.
Totally great value for your money.

Didn't like The low build quality (the cornerplates can be easily torn off). And of course that annoying rumbling, but that can be dealt with by reinforcing the backplate or by cutting breather holes into the front panel.

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By akela_v
Nov 19, 2010
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