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Soldano SLO100 Super Lead Overdrive Head Featured

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Price: $65 to $3651 at 6 stores
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An amp every player should try. featured

Sound Does anyone really need a review of the SLO100? Maybe, so here's my brief review.

I've used many different guitars and pickup combination's with my old SLO, and I've never had it sound bad. I play a lot of rock/hard rock, some metal, blues...anything really.

The SLO isn't the most versatile amp, I was never a huge fan of it's clean-ish tones. Blues rock tones are amazing if you use channel 1 with a boost pedal or something. Channel 2 is why people buy this amp. It is one of the most amazing sounding distortions you'll ever hear, it sounds almost 3D. Even with the gain cranked all the way up the SLO still retains note definition from string to string and never turns to total mush like a lot of other amps. As with any 100 watt head, it doesn't sound nearly as good at low volume as it does when cranked up. Cranked this is one of the loudest amps you'll ever play. Mine had the depth mod, which allows you dial in the low end better depending on volume. You can tighten it up, or make the low end feel "loose." It is a godsend when playing at lower volumes.

This is the kind of amp that is very unforgiving. If you don't have the chops to back it up, the SLO will expose any sloppiness or bad technique. It's just because it is so clear and present.

As for how the tone, it can't really be compared to anything. It does not sound like a Mesa/Boogie, it does not sound like Marshall or a Diezel or a 5150 (though, the 5150 is based on the SLO preamp design). The SLO100 has a unique sound that is all its own. If you had to compare it though, it'd be more Marshall than most of the other amps I've heard.

Reliability Soldano offers a full lifetime warranty on this amp. They're so confident that it's indestructible that the warranty is even transferable from owner to owner. I never had any issues with it, and I've never heard of anyone having any issues with it. This is the kind of amp that you can tell is made to ridiculous specs. Every detail of the amp reeks of quality and solidity. My only fear of taking this to a gig is that it would get stolen.

Customer Support Emailed them a couple of times, they were very quick to reply and helpful.

Liked about it Tone, tone and tone! Oh, super high end construction is a bonus as well.

Didn't like What can I not like about the SLO100. Well, price is a good starting point. It is very expensive, even used. It isn't the most versatile amp, the rhythm channel is more of less useless to me. Depth mod was an extra that cost more. No effects loop on mine; you can get one, but it's considered a mod and costs more. Unless you're playing large stages you will likely never experience the SLO at full volume, where it sounds its best. Being a hobbyist, weekend player, this amp wasn't super practical for me, but I did love the sound of it.

Overall satisfaction:

By blackspy
Oct 08, 2009
Last updated: December 08, 2009
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Price: $65 to $3651
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at 6 stores

my dream amp

Sound I bought my SLO in 2005 new. I had spent SO MUCH MONEY before this on rack rigs, several Marshall tube heads, Laney heads,.... Unhappy with my latest Marshall, a TSL100, I decided to take the plunge and get a Soldano HR-50+ . The first time I plugged in, it was everything I ever imagined. I quickly sold the HR-50+ within months because I just had to hear the SLO. Needless to say, all these years later, and my SLO still excites me every time I plug in,,,that same feeling as the day it arrived. I had been dreaming of owning this since EVH was photographed with one in a guitar mag in 1991, when the for unlawful carnal knowledge album came out - which is my favorite VH album. No matter where I take this amp, I get compliments from people. The first time musicians around me hear it,,,,it is always the same. I've even had another guitarist stop the song the first time I was jamming with him as he just had to tell right away how amazing my tone was. This amp is that good.

Reliability Built to military specs,,, lifetime warranty. No worries.

Customer Support First time I called them, I actually talked to Mike Soldano himself.

Liked about it 1) TONE (beyond words)
3) Tone - I haven't had the desire to play anything else since this amp arrived.

Didn't like The price,,,as it took a lot of sacrifice to finally purchase one.......but it really isn't overpriced. Seriously. The build quality and legendary , ultimate liquid gain tones have to be heard to be believed. It's been giving me goose bumps every time I've plugged in for almost seven years now. This is my amp of a lifetime.

Overall satisfaction:

By lynchfan6
Jan 15, 2012
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Price: $65 to $3651
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at 6 stores

Very solid head

Sound -Guitars-late 80s-early 90s ibanez rgs,radius,Satrianis (all the rock stuff)
-Pickups-Damarzios(evos,super distortion,air norton) and some have the ibzusa as well.
-Music style-I grew up on all the satch,vai,malmsteen stuff.I like classic rock as well.
-Fitting my style? It comes w/6L6s so it doesn't give you the definition like the EL34s,but
there is more to come about that later on in my review ;)
It would work great for someone playing 3 sets that covers multiple music styles.Mine is an early
90s model with the white/black snake skin covering.It's also has the depth control and warren haynes mod.
-Is it noisy? not unless your killing the gain on the lead channel.Other than that, it's really quiet.
I put a reissue TS-9 using the crunch channel an run the TS-9 and the channel gain petty hot and there
isn't that much noise...
-Clean channel distort an high volumes?-I haven't really played at high volumes with it...
-Distortion brutality?- on the lead channel you don't need a pedal w/the gain set over half way.

Reliability -Dependability- Built like a tank.
-Broke down? NEVER

Customer Support I did email them about putting EL34s in it. They were VERY quick on there responses.
The said that as long as I kept the volume under 1/2 way I could run them.

Liked about it 1. Versatility
2. warm tone
3. Looks!! Like I said earlier, mine has the black & white snake skin cover

Didn't like My only complaint is that the lead channel is a little too muddy. It starts compressing
over itself very quick and you lose the definition (even with the EL34s).

Overall satisfaction:

By jl2556
Aug 08, 2009
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Price: $65 to $3651
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at 6 stores

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