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THD BiValve-30 30W Class A Amplifier Head

THD BiValve30 bring all players of every style of music the absolute best in tonal diversity.With the ability to change out every tube in the signal path to suit your liking, the BiValve30 is so versatile, every passionate guitarist needs one of ...

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Works great for what it does

Sound -Guitars- Ibanez(rgs, radius, Js1000)
-Pickups-dimarzios(evos,super distortion,air norton) also, some still have the ibzusa pickups.
-Music style-Satch,Vai, Malmsteen. I also like classic rock stuff.
-Fitting my style-It's limited I like blues as well but this amp DOES NOT do high gain stuff.
-Noisy? Very quiet!
-Variety-If your doing blues or clean stuff,YOU SHOULD NOT BE WITH OUT THIS AMP!! Just no high gain..
-Distortion brutality? You can swap the tube with no biasing so, even with EL34s and 12ax7s,
no brutality here...

Reliability -Dependability? Great so far..
-Backup? Yes
-Broke down? Never

Customer Support No dealings with them at this point

Liked about it 1.Your guitars' tone comes through very well from guitar to guitar
2.Power tubes break up at lower volumes(has a built in hot plate)

Didn't like 1.Doesn't do high gain well at all...

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By jl2556
Aug 08, 2009
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