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Zoom 505II Featured

Inexpensive multi-guitar effects pedal (Slightly outdated).

Price: $8 to $37 at 5 stores
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Great product for beginners. featured

Ease Of Use When I first started getting into pedals, this thing was a Godsend. I had reverb, delay, distortion, etc. When I got tired of fiddling with everything, the manual would tell me how to factory reset it. I do not know the firmware revision number, nor do I think this is available in many places.

Sound I played this on two different amps. One was a cheap amp I got in a guitar package and the other was a Fender Reverb amp that my friend's mom would let me play on. The only thing I can say that I really didn't like was the fuzzy distortion that they had. It sounded very odd. There was another sound that reminded me of an alarm going off when a fire is set. Other than that, I was able to get all sorts of sounds with this.

Reliability If I still had this, I would use it as a back up for sure. It never gave me any problems. I had it setup where A1, A2, A3, A4 were clean, clean w/ reverb/delay, distortion, and then distortion w/ delay.

Customer Support I never had to call support for this. I even dropped some liquid on it. I cleaned it up fast and the pedal continued to operate with no issue!

Liked about it Diverse sounds for beginners. I liked how each setting could be tampered with to create a unique sound. This thing could survive quite a beating.

Didn't like One thing I hated is that when you used an entire bank, you would have to skip back 4-5 effects and it was very, very noticable. Some effects, you couldn't get the sound you wanted, so hours of tweeking was not worth it at times. Not a good pedal for intermediate players due to knowing exactly what one would want. This couldn't deliver.

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By boyd
May 06, 2010
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Price: $8 to $37
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