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AMT Electronics S1

Architecture - ' The preamps of the series are single-channel devices with passive bypass. - ' AMT Legend Amps have two outputs: direct OUT and separate CAB.SIM.( to line-in) - ' If CAB.SIM output is not used the preamp is automatically switched to energy-saving mode. The current consumed (from 9V power source) is lower than 6m? ( in energy-saving mode the consumed current is as low as 4m?). - Warning! The AMT Legend Amps like any top class devices are very sensitive to power source quality. To power the devices of the series we do recommend you to use either 9V battery or power adapters meeting the necessary quality requirements (we recommend ??? 9V/800mA power adapter).

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Monster in your pocket... featured

Ease Of Use This unit again is a once channel preamp layout, but I rather put it in the Distortion box section as it rather fits that description. It has a full fletched 3-band EQ which is rare for such a unit and a level and one gain knob. So usage is pretty straight forward. As it is single channel the foot switch will turn the unit on and off. Again it is quite easy to dial in as the knobs are not so overly responsive. Apart from the IN and OUT connectors the unit also features a cab sim output.

Sound Now this unit is much more of a beast than the previously tested F1 one. The S1 has a totally different character and much different settings are needed.

Again I used a Jem and a Les Paul for testing it and first hooked it up to my trusted Carvin V3's clean channel.

The S1 one really drives is all that can be said. It can go from quite fuzzy punk rock to really really insane gain. It is however harder to dial in than the F1 and needs a good player.
This is mainly due to the positve fact that the unit delivers every slight touch straight to the output even in insane gain settings. For a good player this is of course extremely cool, if you are a beginner you will get frustrated easily, as every wrong intonation or scratch on the strings will be heard at once.

Also cool was that you can dial in some really nice oldschool Metal tones like those Dokken sounds and many more.

Of course if you go all out and downtune the modern metal folks will love this unit. However look out on which guitar you use, this unit is picky. It was much easier to get a sound to break up using the Les Paul than the Jem. Somehow the unit seemed to like the Jem more.
So I pulled my old 1527 downtuned puppy and went for it. Wow this was nearly to much for me, but I bet there are lots of guys out there that want such sounds. This unit is for you.
So then I tried to use it as a D.I. straight into my Mac (that after 5mins of playing suffered a HD crash, which was not the S1's fault hehe). That however was not my cup of tea. I would not use it as a direct in box, it is in front of a good amp where this unit shines.

All in all: If you are into metal, punk rock or modern hard rock this unit might be for you. In terms of gain sounds it beats many units I have tried so far, especially the many units from manufacturers that shifted their production from Japan to China. AMT really understands musicians and seems to built this units for a desired target audience, which you can easly see by the two totally different F1 and S1 units.

Of course the last test was to hook it up to the gain channel of my V3 and boost the hell out if it. Metal guys you are going to love it!

Reliability Built like a tank. Of course I cracked it open and everything was very nicely done. Definately a keeper.

Customer Support No dealings with them.

Liked about it + Sounds
+ Insane gain
+ Transports every little touch
+ Very well built

Didn't like - Cab. Sim is not my cup of tea
Not really a minus for everyone: This unit is not for the beginner. Pro's will love it.

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Jan 18, 2010
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