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AMT F1 Legend Amps pedal

The AMT F1 from the Legend amps series, is the first in a chain of stomp boxes that will allow you to loop all the other pedals in the series together to create different stages of gain, distortion, overdrive just like you would in a 2 or 3 channel amp.

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Pro Pre-amp in a pedal featured

Ease Of Use The AMT Legend F1 is more than just a stomp box. This unit is intended to be the primary link of a pedal based pre amp and effects chain to go in front of your amp, or straight into a PA/mixing desk. The F1 is modelled on a clean Fender amp, but is also a channel switcher allowing you to have another pedal hooked up to the second channel to give you a drive channel which bypasses the F1's tone settings. AMT produce a range of other preamps based on famous amps to give you a broad spectrum of achievable sounds. It also allows you to power your other units with 2 dc out sockets (although you should make sure that the output matches anything you hook up to it!)

The manual is quite concise, but it is well conceived and really gives you all the info you need to operate the unit in a variety of situations.

As a basic stomp box clean amp sim it is very straight forward. Obviously to operate the F1 using it as a 2 or 3 channel pre amp is a bit more involved, but the manual is very clear about how to connect everything together to get the right setup. Basically it is only as complex as the set up you are intending to use.

The layout on top straight forward with EQ controls (Low, Mid, Treble) and Master, Level and Gain controls. The sides are also well labelled and easy to understand. Anyone with knowledge of effects loops will be able to understand this unit right away.

Sound As mentioned this unit is aiming to emulate the classic clean tones of a Fender amp. The sound is clean and glassy and the EQ controls allow a degree of adjustment to let you dial in the sound you are after. I did find that I had to flatten out the EQ on any amp I added this to. Basically if your amp is set up with a lot of bite, then this pedal will accentuate that. It is very easy to have an extremely brittle sound. What you need to do is flatten everything off and allow the F1 to handle all the tone shaping. It is much easier to release the full potential of the pedal that way.

I ran the F1 through a few different situations to see how it faired. The Cab Simulator in particular is a welcome addition when going DI. It is most at home in front of an amp, and it gave my 10w practice amp some of the sound of a larger valve powered unit. I genuinely liked it, and I must admit that it has actually encouraged me to use the clean sound more.

The bypass mode with the drive channel de-selected is quiet. There was a bit of noise from the clean channel when you have the gain turned up, but it is not major.

The MP3 is made using an Alder strat using an HS-3 in the neck through a Kustom 10W practice amp and recorded through the mic of a BOSS Micro BR.


Reliability The quality of the construction is excellent. The rubberised knobs have a smooth action, and the footswitch feels similar to those on my Rocktron All Access foot swtich, which is about as good as it gets!

Customer Support Haven't had to deal with AMT. The sent these pedals by post from Russia and there packaging was excellent though.

Liked about it The sound is glassy and full giving you some of the sound of a valve amp.
DC out power connectors are a brilliant addition, and take all the battery related issues out of the equation for the rest of your pedals.
Sturdy feel
A brilliantly conceived and executed idea.
Basically if you want a preamp to add tone shaping and multi channel capabilities to your existing set up without going over to rack gear, then this is a great place to start.

A brilliantly conceived and executed idea.

Didn't like No battery compartment
FX loop is not switchable, but then I can't think of another preamp where they are.
A touch of noise when idle, but this is gain dependant
Really hard to find anything major not to like about this

Overall satisfaction:

By nickcoumbe
Feb 08, 2010
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Very Impressive featured

Ease Of Use OK, it's easy to get a good sound out of this thing, but there are a lot of routing options offered in it and it does take a few looks at the manual to ensure you're setting things up properly. You basically treat it as a pre-amp that has an effects loop and a channel loop - for other preamps - in addition to the usual line ins and outs.
There is also a switch if you are running it into an amp or if you're doing the direct out for a PA or recording. Lots of features and options. Still, the controls are very responsive and it's very easy to get an excellent Fender sound out of this thing.
Although it recommends a 12v power supply, I'm happy to report that it will work with a standard 9v supply as well. I haven't tried a 12v supply to see if there are any tonal differences, but I haven't noticed any shortcomings using the 9v.

Sound I'm not sure which Fender amp this is supposed to model, probably the Fender Twin, but it does an excellent job of emulating the tone of a clean fender amp. I am using this into a solid state 120 watt Crate amp. I thought I had a pretty good clean channel, in fact, it's always been my favorite characteristic of this amp. The F1 takes that pretty good clean and really improves upon it 10 fold. In addition to running the pedal into my amp directly, I have put my Satchurator before the input, a chorus pedal in the effects loop and the AMT Legend Series P-1 in the channel loop. It's a lot of cables and a bit confusing layout, but it sounds great and offers tremendous versatility.
There is a ton of high end shimmer and presence in the pedal without it sounding nasal or harsh although it does add a little hiss. The bass gives it a very big and boomy sound without becoming muddy, something I'm very impressed with. In conjunction with the ample mid-range control, you get a wonderfully complex 3D sound that is very close to the tones of a real tube amp. I was not expecting to be this blown away by how good it sounds but it really is great! It's a classic clean tone from the 60's and 70's that made Fender's famous.
In addition to the 3 band EQ, there is also a level, Master Volume and Gain control. I found the pedal very hard to overdrive even with the gain all the way maxed. It would break up a little into a bluesy drive but really, this pedal is a clean pedal that gives a wonderfully complex clean tone at any level. It compresses the signal some and I was able to get some nice tight sounds from it that cut through my mixes with good punch.
One thing I did notice is that there is some noise with this pedal into my Crate. The pedal does contribute to some high end hiss. It is not enough to be prohibitive and I don't consider it a major problem and it certainly isn't noticeable while playing, but it's there.
The pedal is true bypass. If you have something in the channel loop, the footswitch toggles between the F1 and whatever you have in the loop. It's a pretty interesting new take on utilizing pedals with the F1 as a "master pre-amp" and allows for a lot of tonal variety. The effects loop of the pedal functions well but should only be used if you're running direct out or into the power section of an amp as it will otherwise sit before the pre-amp section of your amp - negating the benefit of using the F1's loop. As for these loops, a big plus that the input/output jacks are on the same side of the pedal, making the connections a little more simple and easy on your cables. I believe they should have done this on their other Legend Series pedals as well, since it would allow things to line up better rather than a 6" cable to the input and then needing a 1' cable to wrap from the other side of the pedal back into the return of the loop.
Overall, the pedal sounds just like the Fender tube amps I've played. It doesn't quite give the organic reactive feel, but it gets the tones really well. I highly recommend it for someone looking for Fender sounds, lots of features, and a small footprint.

AMT F1 Demo.mp3

Reliability It feels sturdy. It's about the size of an MXR pedal and is metal cased. The switch feels robust and the jacks are all metal with a hefty feel to them. The knobs are nice and tight. I have no worries about the build quality but only time will tell.

Customer Support This was a demo pedal sent from Russia...with love....They included an adapter for some country's electric plug but it was not US compatible. That being said, they are part of the Reviewer's club program and are using this as an opportunity to show off a wonderful product and I appreciate the opportunity I've had to use their pedal.

Liked about it 1. Absolutely fantastic clean Fender-y tones.
2. Compact but extremely feature laden with 2 loops for additional pre-amps and effects and speaker emulated recording output.
3. Knob settings are easily visible.
4. Have to again mention the tone.

Didn't like 1. Some slight hiss when engaged but it is not a noisy pedal and that's about the only thing I can think of that I "don't like" about this pedal. It's that good.

Overall satisfaction:

By smooth55
Feb 03, 2010
Last updated: February 08, 2010
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From Russia with love comes the AMT F1 Legend series pedals featured

Ease Of Use At first glance you notice that even though it's a small stomp box, there seems to be a lot going on here. Extra input and output jacks then on any of your usual stomp pedals. The nice rubber black knobs give you control over EQ's like Low Mid Treble, Level, Master Volume and last but never the least of importance the Gain. The EQ's are subtle in their change to sound, some might find this a plus and others not. Considering this pedal is more about a clean sound with subtle gains the subtly of the EQ's seem to be warranted in this case.
The pedal has channel send and return to allow the connection of other pedals in this series and quick study of the included manual helps to figure it all out. The F1 also includes an effects send and return which allows you to hook up other pedals and effects like delay, reverb, or modulations etc.

Sound I plugged in my very high end Ibanez J Custom Rg Paint 1 with Air Norton Dimarzio Pickups and plugged into a Mesa Nomad 100. I would have to say that the F1 has many similarities to the Mesa nomads first gain channel, which is clean but with a nice chance to add subtle gain. Don't expect this pedal alone to give you much hard rock distortion or overdrive, but at high volumes it can really cut through air. I can see how using this pedal directly into a recording device, will allow you great tone without the actual amp.

Being that this series of pedals are preamps and tube like simulation via analogue technology I can hear from the pedal that they did achieve this. The best way I can describe it is when rolling back your Volume on your guitar, usually on a good tube amp you can get some seriously good tones. Where with a standard overdrive or distortion pedals, rolling back your volume can sometimes reduce your tone to a fizzle. Well not in the F1's case, it definitely has the tube simulation down pat.



Reliability The Stomp box itself looks and is very durable. The foot switch is also large which is good for big boots when on stage, and the Led is very bright and will cut through the madness of lighting and smoke on stage. It would probably survive a nuclear blast, so I reckon 30 years on stage should be a walk in the park for this pedal.

Customer Support Didn't deal with them

Liked about it I would have to say that my favorite part about the pedal is its subtle gains for a clean sound, its ability to have an effects loop is fantastic, and the idea of building up different channels of overdrive, via the channel effect and return feature is definitely a new way of thinking.

Didn't like In conjunction with another AMT pedal through the channel send and return I found that the added pedal sounded slightly different to when it was used on its own. Maybe I need to spend more time tweaking it, but that kind of defeats the purpose of stomp boxes, where you should be able to plug in and away you go. I spent a bit of time tweaking knobs on both pedals during their combined workout and eventually did find some nice sounds, but it was a lot of work for not much reward.

Overall satisfaction:

By IbanezFreak777
Feb 03, 2010
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