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AMT R1 Legend Amps pedal

The AMT R1 is a stomp box in a series of preamp type cab sim overdrive pedals. The R1 claims to reproduce tube sounding amps via analogue technology.

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Back in the USSR you don't know how lucky you are with the AMT R1 featured

Ease Of Use As most stomp boxes of this size, there are only so many knobs you can fit onto it. So its ease of use should be well, easy. Low, Mid, High, Level, and Gain are knobs you will find on this pedal all very easy to use. The low knob I found was very bassy even on number one and a bit more of a play with it, yielded different results then I expected. The higher I went on the low the more I got from the overall gain. Usually you just get more bass, but the Low knob affected the pedal a little different then I imagined it would. So a bit of playing around with settings is needed on this pedal.

Sound Plugging into my trusty Mesa Nomad via the effects return, , I was able to hear what this pedal had to offer. Unfortunately the gain or overdrive or distortion whichever way you like to say it, was too subtle for my tastes but may be just right for yours. According to AMT the R1 simulates the legend amps from Mesa engineering, especially their most popular, although AMT do not mention which exact model. I can compare the distortion to my Mesa nomad, which has a more rock 70's early 80's feel, but the pedal really had no bite as far as wanting a crunch rhythm. This is by no means a quite overdriven pedal, but it's not for metal at all.. Blues, rock, pop is where this pedal lives.

cochise-FULL GAIN-R1.mp3

Ibanezfreak-HALF GAIN-R1.mp3

lead-FULL GAIN-r1.mp3

Reliability With its Ferrari red metal housing, you can be sure this will hold the weight of any rock god jumping on it, time and time again. It looks and feels well built, and you won't have to worry about its life span, because I reckon it could live for 50 years easily.

Customer Support Never dealt with them

Liked about it I like the look of the pedal and that it's a small part of a series of pedals that can link up and be part of a series of different channels of overdrive. The knobs have a nice rubber grip which is important.

Didn't like I found this pedal to be a little dull in the rhythm section for metal, and being this is supposedly a simulation of mesa's most popular amp, it falls short of that. But I guess my most popular mesa amp, may not be their most popular. It may be just on my model pedal, but the knobs covered the writing underneath making it hard to see. Not a huge issue but its little details like that which can make or break a purchase.

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By IbanezFreak777
Feb 03, 2010
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Not So Hot.

Ease Of Use Well the pedal has only 5 knobs, so yes, I'd say it's really easy to use.

Sound I've been using this pedal mostly as a pre-amp with various commercial and free IRs. Unfortunately the distortion on this pedal has a really annoying buzziness to it that I just can't seem to EQ out no matter what I do.

Reliability The pedal is well constructed and works as advertised. Can't fault it there.

Customer Support Never had a problem with it so I can't comment on ATM's customer support.

Liked about it What's good? Well ease of use and reliability top the list here.

Didn't like What needs improving? Well the "low" knob doesn't really give you much in the way of range of articulation. Either it sounds flat or way too boomy. Also, the "gain" function doesn't really give you enough gain to use on it's own, making the addition of tube screamer or distortion pedal almost mandatory if you want a thick, saturated sound. Problem with that is that if you do put another pedal in front of it the AMT's gain gets even more buzzy sounding.

Overall satisfaction:

By Robert W
Nov 04, 2012
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