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Barber Trifecta

his one is for classic fuzz freaks and newcomers alike. The Barber Trifecta employs a three way toggle switch to seamlessly navigate three classic vintage fuzz circuits producing a plethora of tones from trippy to squishy, through heavy and beyond. The newly minted Barber exclusive "Sludge" control allows players to easily dial in the Trifecta to work perfectly with al... - The Trifecta?s classic three fuzz circuits are based off of the triangle style pi sound, the Jumbo Bender style and the Suppa Bender style with our boutique mods/magic and superior build quality. These three classic circuits all were very close except for clipping sections (fuzzy stuff) being omitted or added, so we figured, why not make it a Trippy Fuzz party and give the players all three for the price of one! - - The NEW v2 version of the Trifecta now has much more distinct differences when comparing the three toggle setting, extra thunder and extra squishy are now available! - - Finally your vintage Fuzz sounds have TOO MUCH CONTROL! (in a good way)

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My favorite Fuzz

Ease Of Use Instruction manual helps dial in a nice effect

Sound I've used this primarily with a Blackstar Bh-5. IT's very quiet with both single coils & humbuckers

Reliability YES! Hand Built in USA for battle. I've opened up, not much inside to go wrong but also not planning on abusing it

Customer Support NO

Liked about it the trifecta has a selector switch to select 3 different types of Fuzz effects; The first is the triangle pi fuzz, 2nd is the Jumbo Bender & 3 is the Suppa bender. I dont have the original pedals to compare them with but I like what I hear. It has a nice wooliness to it that was exactly what I was looking for. Wanted to do the Silversun pickups (The Royal We) tone, but can also get a nice early Iron Maiden sound on my strat. This sustains and sustains and sustains. It's quiet after you mute the strings unlike the Zvex Fuzz (that thing is noisy as hell).It's smooth yet you can still hear the chords your playing. I've got a VooDoo Labs SuperFuzz and with the addition of the Trifecta I've got everything I need.

Didn't like If you're looking for total chaotic fuzz, this aint it. If you want a buzz type fuzz get the voodoo superfuzz this wont do it. This aint cheap, they're $150 new. I bought mine used for $100 and feel like I saved alot of time searching for the fuzz I wanted.

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By wjs1820
Dec 30, 2010
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Price: $68 to $68
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