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Behringer Blues Overdrive BO100

Level, Tone, and Drive Control Knobs

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Pretty OK

Ease Of Use It was quite straightforward to use, as there were only 3 knobs to turn.

Sound I used my fat strat copy when I tried the pedal out (our family friend loaned it to me for 2 days) through a Fender Champion 110 amplifier (not tube). I didn't have the best amp for evaluation to begin with, but I simply set it for a nice warm clean tone, feeding the pedal to the front end. Toggling in between the amp's clean and the pedal's drive sounds, I noticed how warm the drive sound of the pedal is, so I turned it up a bit, and found that the tone gets a bit brittle if you do. I turned the gain up to max and got great raunchy blues rock tones using the tone knob in moderation, and when I rolled it down a little bit it was quite touch sensitive and mild. I still like the full-on setting for the gain for blues soloing though, so until the last day I kept it maxed out. It was fun while I had it.

Reliability The pedal was quite a devil to play with when it comes to changing batteries. Since the hinges of the switch are also what you should press to access the battery compartment, you had to get ballpens just to change the 9v batteries, which wasn't all bad because I was at home. But what if one were at a gig, and all you had was the pedal , a guitar and cables? The ends of cables aren't slim enough to get the cover off easily, so you'd really need ballpens for every gig (quite ridiculous IMO, although there's nothing wrong about it) in case batteries run out. Additionally, the case is made out of plastic, which I am a bit concerned about. One really good kick might just be enough to retire one of these pedals, so if you have heavy feet, it's best to steer clear of these pedals.

Customer Support Never needed to

Liked about it 1. Bluesy drive tone...
2. Simple operation
3. Cute box...

Didn't like No metal box, and no metal tones, but that's not what the pedal was for anyway

Overall satisfaction:

By theapprentice
Aug 16, 2010
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