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Behringer CO600 Chorus Orchestra Review

The Behringer CO-600 Chorus Orchestra is the Ultimate Stereo Chorus Effects Pedal. Featuring warm, vintage chorus or a super-thick and spacious stereo effect.

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Behringer CO600 Chorus Orchestra

Ease Of Use This pedal has five control knobs, rate, depth, mix and hi and lo cut filters. It's a very easy pedal to use with rate knob controlling the speed of the effect, the depth controlling the how much of the pitch and the mix controlling the wet signal relative to the dry signal. (How much of the effect you want!) The hi and lo filters are handy to adjust any harshness of the effect out of the effect. It's very easy to get a good sound from it. The blue led is also very bright making it very easy to see on a darkened smokey stage.

Sound Well, onto the interesting bit! Basically it's a clone of the Boss Chorus Ensemble pedal in an orange/yellow plastic box. Does it sound the same as the Boss pedal? Incredibly, it sounds identical! I compared it to my old Chorus Ensemble pedal and it sounded every bit as good. You can dial all manner of mild to wild sounds and the mix level is a very handy feature if you don't want your guitar sound swimming in chorus wobbles! There was no extra noise or hum coming from the pedal unlike the Behringer Echo Machine I owned for 1 day which was so noisy I nearly burnt it! It's also stereo for extra width to add to your sound.

Reliability The only downside to the pedal is the plastic casing, if it does break all i'll do is buy a metal box and footswitch, do the necessary mods and fit into that. Job done!

Customer Support Never dealt with them.

Liked about it Everything, I only paid £15.80 from Guitar amp and Keyboard (UK) and it and it sounds every bit as good as the Boss pedal it's based on. There's no hum or unwanted noise coming from the pedal, in other words it's almost perfect! It also has an uber bright blue led on it!

Didn't like For £15.80 what is there not to like? If it sounds like it has any hum or unwanted noise send/take it back and get a new one, if it doesn't sound perfect straight out of the box it's not working correctly. Mine works correctly and I can tell you it sounds excellent, absolutely identical to the Boss equivlent, and I do mean identical! I deducted half a point for the plastic box it comes in

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By longi
Feb 12, 2011
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