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Behringer CS100 Compressor/Sustainer Pedal

Get super-smooth compression and endless sustain! The CS100 gives you a simple way to improve your overall tone. It compresses louder signals and at the same time boosts lower signals for silk-smooth sustain without compromising the sound quality. This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market. * You can use...

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An average Boss clone featured

Ease Of Use The Behringer CS100 Compressor/Sustainer pedal is an easy pedal to use. It's laid out like a certain blue Boss pedal with 4 knobs, being Level, Tone, Attack and Sustain. Each control is fairly self-explanatory, so it's easy to get started with.

It's quite easy to get a reasonable sustain effect going, but the attack knob doesn't seem to do too much to the overall sound.

The CS100 has a fairly awkward way of getting to the battery cavity. It involves taking off the pedal plate by pressing in the two plastic pins on either side of the pedal using something small like a pen tip, or maybe a thin screw driver.

The Digitech Hardwire series have a similar design, but they are executed far better, with bigger metal pins that can be easily pressed in in effectively with the jack tips on your cables.

The CS100 also has a 9 Volt Boss type input for a power supply.

Sound I bought the CS100 because I needed longer sustain on a song I was playing with a band I had at the time. I was fairly broke so I couldn't really afford a better quality compressor/sustainer. Through my solid state Kustom KGA65 I was able to get reasonable sounding tone with enough sustain to satisfy me. There were some issues though.

The CS100 colours your tone quite a bit, so if you are wanting your tone to be exactly the same when the pedal is off this pedal wont do it for you. Also it is quite noisy with the sustain level up high, both running on batteries or a power supply.

Also steer clear of this pedal if you are really wanting good control over the sound of your attack. The CS100 really doesn't have a good range for attack.

Once I got my Blackstar HT-5 tube head I noticed that the CS100 didn't like to play nice with tube amps. On the clean channel the pedal distorted my tone in a very undesirable way. Plus it just ruined my dirty channel tone.

It's definitely not a good pedal to use with a tube amp.

At the end of the day the CS100 is probably suitable for beginners first experimenting with different stomp box effects, and maybe budget-minded musicians with solid state amps.

Reliability I've had the Behringer CS100 for a few years now, and it continues to work. I only used it for a few gigs, and a heap of jams, but it survived that much. I definitely wouldn't rely on it if I were a bit more serious with my performing.

The CS100 has a plastic case, which doesn't seem overly robust, but it seems to do the job. The parts I'd be more concerned with are the electronics. The pots used for the control knobs in particular feel particularly cheap, and I don't foresee them lasting for many years like my old Boss pedals.

Customer Support I haven't dealt with Behringer.

Liked about it Cheap compression/sustain pedal
* Fulfilled my needs at the time

Didn't like Questionable build quality (you get what you pay for)
* Noisy when sustain levels are high
* Terrible distortion when using on tube amps

Overall satisfaction:

By LonePhantom
Nov 10, 2009
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