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Boss AC-3 Featured

Features = - - BOSS's most advanced acoustic-guitar modeling in a compact pedal - Four simulation modes: Standard, Jumbo, Enhanced, and Piezo-equipped - Top and Body knobs for fine-tuning the virtual-body resonance - Built-in reverb, optimized for acoustic-guitar simulation

Price: $8 to $114 at 16 stores
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Acoustically challenged? featured

Ease Of Use Ok has got quita a few knobs level, reverb, body, top and mode. Claims to simulate sounds of either a standard, jumbo, enhanced or piezo.

It may not be everyones cup of tea, but you will really need to sit with it to get a good sound, I don't agree with the others who say its the worst pedal and can't get good sounds etc. It's all about tweaking and blending with what you will be using it with.
Again your gear will play an important part.

I seriously get upset when you have guys giving unbiased reviews on pedals like I see in other review sites when they are running 10 watts tin can amps and sticking in a distortion pedal expecting to sound like Metallica.

Sound Now this is a tricky one you can emulate an acoustic sound but will never replace a true acoustic. For me this pedal works better on single coils.

I only use this on my clapton strat with the active midboost and tbx.
Tweaking and changing settings just on the pedal doesn't give me the acoustic tone i was looking for but when I altered my mid boost and tbx along with selecting 4 on pickup selector I managed to get a good sounding acoustic tone it was pretty convincing.
I run it through my marshall JVM205H and 1960a cab. It is not noisy whatsoever. I did have to change my amps eq a bit to get a good sound, I might try this with a pedal eq to get more tones from it.

Remember you will need to sit on this testing and tweaking you will not get a good acoustic tone out of the box, be very patient with it as you will find a tone that you will like (unless you are running it through a 5-10 watt tin can amp sorry no hope for you there).

Reliability Its bulletproof!

Customer Support have never needed to contact boss.

Liked about it 1. Like with all Boss its very durable
2. You can get quite a few tones on it (lots of course unusable!)
3. Saves u unplugging your electric and plugging in the old acoustic (once you get a tone you like)

Didn't like 1. Very hard to get a tone of preference (but satisfying when you do)
2. honestly this is the worst colored boss pedal
3. couldn't get a good tone a humbucker. (but thats just me)

Overall satisfaction:

By ashleighhhh
May 14, 2010
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Price: $8 to $114
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at 16 stores

Not a real acoustic sound featured

Ease Of Use It's just a pedal with a few knobs

Sound To me this pedal is pointless cause nothing can make an electric guitar sounds exactly like an acoustic guitar.
And if you play an electric guitar you probably have other pedals so it didn't need a built-in reverb.
The piezo sound is my personal preference but it only gives another sound to your guitar and not a real acoustic piezzo guitar sound.
It's got some hiss when you pick the strings and it decays quickly and gets lost at the stage,but nobody wants it in a studio session.

6Fingers- Jumbo.mp3

6Fingers- Piezzo.mp3

6Fingers- Standard.mp3

Reliability No problems

Liked about it 1- Piezzo preset sounds cool

2- Built like a tank

Didn't like 1- Its reverb

Overall satisfaction:

By 6fingers
Nov 30, 2009
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Price: $8 to $114
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at 16 stores

It Simulates?

Ease Of Use This is by far one of the worst, most pointless pedals I've ever played. Out of interest I hooked one up in my local guitar store to see the extent it could emulate an acoustic guitar. Now, I wasn't expecting miracles, I didn't need it to sound like a Martin or Taylor, but I found this pedal did NOTHING. AT ALL. I played around with the dials and looked over blankly at the shop owner who just shrugged his shoulders, as perplexed as I was.

Sound It alters the tonal range a little, high end to low end. But, unless I was totally ineffective when using it, it did very little.

Reliability Well, its BOSS, so it wont break or fail. BUT depend on it for what exactly? It doesn't do much!

Liked about it 1. One good thing about this pedal is that if you tried it on the show 'Will it Blend?', it certainly won't. Typical BOSS impenetrable coating, only the interior wries are prone to damage, that of the 9v battery in particular.

Didn't like 1. Everything. Even the shade of yellow is terrible.

Seemingly useless pedal. I'd recommend buying a cheap acoustic for 50euro instead.

Overall satisfaction:

By custom24
Dec 21, 2009
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Price: $8 to $114
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at 16 stores

Excellent pedal for anyone who needs an electric/acoustic sound!

Ease Of Use Super easy to use!
It literally took me 2 minutes to plug into our monitor system at practice and dial in the sound.
I went through the MODE settings and settled on one I liked (STANDARD) and fiddled with the BODY/TOP controls and I was done.
I was strumming away in no time and got the thumbs up from the band members.

Sound You can't plug this pedal into a guitar amplifier and expect it to sound like it's supposed to.
You really need an acoustic amp, P.A. or monitor system. Something with a 2 or 3 way speaker system.
This pedal is not intended to sound like an acoustic as some reviewers seem to think but rather an acoustic with a pickup in it. If used like this the results are excellent.
I only used a humbucker but it sounded great!

Reliability It's Boss. Extremely dependable.
It is permanantly mounted on my pedalboard.

Customer Support It's BOSS, I've had no need for customer support as long as I have playing guitar and owned BOSS. 20+ years.

Liked about it I liked the variety of elec/acoustic eq'd tones the TOP and BODY controls provide.
If you run it in line with your pedals to amp and run the the LINE OUT of the AC-3 to a P.A. it kills the electric signal. Excellent feature!
The reverb is a nice touch, adds a little ambience to the overall sound.
This pedal does exactly what I need it to, if I could wish for one more feature it would have been a little compression maybe.

Didn't like Nothing to really dislike about it but if I have to list 3 things,
then it would be the color of the pedal.

Can't find 2 more things to dislike.

Overall satisfaction:

By TX-Joe
May 30, 2012
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Price: $8 to $114
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at 16 stores

So So

Ease Of Use Its actually hard to use. It has its sweet spots but they are hard to find. Its not really worth buying new but if your really interested find one used, there are allot on the market used.

Sound It can sound pretty good. But don't expect a real acoustic sound.

Reliability It really depends on the pickups. Say if you switch form humbucker to single coil you will have to adjust the pedal! ARG!

Customer Support Dont need it.

Liked about it It can sound awesome.

Didn't like It can sound terrible. Seems like its not perfected yet.

Overall satisfaction:

By freakout
Feb 21, 2010
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Price: $8 to $114
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at 16 stores

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