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Boss DD-5 Featured

The DD-5 offers four switchable delay ranges and 11 modes that give access to delays from 1ms all the way up to a walloping 2000ms. Delay time can also be set in real time using the Tap Tempo function and an optional FS-5U footswitch. With the Hold mode you can sample a passage simply by pressing and releasing the pedal. * Compact stereo delay pedal with 1ms to 2000ms...

Price: $6 to $129 at 7 stores
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Classic and versatile Boss compact delay featured

Ease Of Use Boss digital delays are world famous and more often than not, the 'delay role' on a guitarist's board is played by a Boss pedal. The idea behind the Boss compact delay pedals is put as many usable modes and sounds in the pedal as possible, but also keep it user friendly. They do this, and they do this pretty well. They include 11 modes in the pedal, all switched by an 11 position rotary switch. It is great to have no menus or screen to cycle through, but the drawback is that you can only switch modes my hand. So if you wanted to use the tap tempo delay and then switch to the backwards delay in a live situation, you would have to physically turn the knob yourself, or buy a second DD5 and set the modes on each on of the pedals. Aside from that, the pedal does a great job and is really user friendly. Another cool function is the tap tempo mode (8-11 I believe). All you have to do is attach a non latching footswitch to the footswitch input and away you go. One thing I should mention, is that I have had trouble getting the delay to not suck tone/ decrease volume in the FX loop of my amps. The pedal doesn't like seeing a low impedance signal in its input. So, I never could use it in my loop.

Sound Well, if you know Boss delays, you know they sound great. They aren't as warm as analog delays, but they are not meant to be. The delays are crystal clear and do sound very nice. For me, it is kinda hard to describe the tone of a digital delay since it isn't really that toneful. It isn't a EH Memory Man, but it isn't meant to be. It is just a pleasant sounding delay that is pretty true to the input signal it receives. My favorite modes were the tap tempo mode and the backwards delay mode. It does a really nice backwards delay that sounds awesome. The pedal is probably most famous for its dotted eighth mode that the Edge from U2 seems to have made famous. I will point out that this pedal is no longer made and seems to fetch some hefty online prices. If you can snatch one up for around $70, you have yourself a great pedal for a great price.

Reliability In my experience, Boss pedals are very reliable, but I have had some experience with their delays going kaput.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them

Liked about it Great sounding Boss delays
Very user friendly
Boss quality/ reliability

Didn't like No longer made (have to find second hand)
Doesn't like low impedance signal (as in an FX loop)
Modes aren't footswitchable

Overall satisfaction:

By Severinsteelsmit
Dec 22, 2009
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Price: $6 to $129
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at 7 stores

A great delay pedal...well worth the money!

Ease Of Use This pedal is so easy to use, set your sound and step on it.
I have used several delay pedals and this is the one I always kept in my arsenal.
Boss delay pedals are some of the best around and the DD-5 is a top notch pedal.

Sound Any guitar and amp combo will benefit from using this delay, if you use delay that is ;-)

The delay options are very easy and fun to use. From slap to eerie space echos the DD-5 has you covered.
This pedal is in my board and never comes out...even if I don't use it every show it is there if I need killer delays.
It can get that "Floyd" echo very easily with the DD-5.

I suggest running it and any non-gain effect through the effects loop on your amp. I am sure you already knew that though.

Reliability I have had this pedal for years with no problems. It is my main delay and it is always with me.

Customer Support Never had to use is a Boss product..hello!

Liked about it Love all the delay options.
Built very sturdy.
The sound of the delay is very good.

Didn't like Love this pedal.

Overall satisfaction:

By milkywayslipnsli
Aug 23, 2010
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Price: $6 to $129
Compare Prices
at 7 stores

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