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Boss DD-7 Featured

Even with the best-selling delays in compact-pedal history, BOSS continues to push the envelope and innovate. The new DD-7 takes the best features from its predecessors and expands the creative potential with Modulation Delay mode, classic modeled Analog Delay mode, External pedal control options, longer delay time, and more.

Price: $10 to $120 at 14 stores
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Boss deliver the best delay on the market.

Ease Of Use You can literally waste hours of time mucking around with this pedal. Once you get past messing with all the delay effects, you'll next get caught up in the new 40 second recording and overlapping function of this pedal. Whilst the DD-7 is not a dedicated Loop station, it's certainly very helpful in getting some ideas down and playing around with modes and scales, not to mention the crazy amount of loops you can put on top of each other, I swear it's endless until it becomes one giant mass of sound.

Sound As always, the Boss Delay is on top of its game in this area. No-one does it better and this is the same pedal with some new features. If you like the old Boss delay's then this is a no-brainer. Get it.
Taken from Boss Page:
- Expanded delay time, up to 6.4 seconds
- Modulation Delay mode offers natural, chorus-type sounds
- Analog Delay mode models the classic warm BOSS DM-2 analog delay sound
- Tap tempo controllable via external footswitch
- Delay time, feedback, and effect level can be controlled via external Expression pedal (sold separately)
- Up to 40 seconds of recording for sound on sound (Hold mode)

Reliability Built with tank-like quality as Boss have always done.

Customer Support Never had the need to deal with Boss in the 20 years I've been using their products.

Liked about it Pick anything this pedal can do and I like it. I'm contemplating getting another one to have on my pedal board to get some really crazy stuff going.

Didn't like Nothing. This pedal is perfect.

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By Macka
Jun 21, 2010
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Price: $10 to $120
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at 14 stores

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