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Boss GE-7 Sniper Mod

Tone FX sniper mod is a modification to the stock Japan/Taiwan Boss GE-7 graphic EQ pedal. It is designed to improve sound, and reduce unwanted noise.

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The way this pedal should come from Boss!

Ease Of Use My sniper modded GE-7 came from eBay. It works exactly like the stock GE-7, only better. It's simply an EQ pedal with seven bands of frequency adjustment, and a level control for boosting or cutting the overall output level.

Sound I've never really had a complaint about the stock GE-7. I use them from time to time for recording, or certain gigs where the sound just isn't right. It allows me to tweak my sound a little more.

For the most part a Japanese GE-7 was the standard for me, and I have owned the Taiwan version as well. They can introduce a little bit of noise to your signal depending on how much you're boosting certain frequencies. They can also alter your sound a little bit, even with all the levels in the middle (no cut or boost) position.

The sniper mod is designed to reduce the noise (hiss usually) and improve the overall tone. This is absolutely what it does. I was pretty surprised when I got it since I figured I probably wouldn't notice a difference really. The mod really delivered. There was absolutely no hiss from the pedal even with the higher frequencies boosted significantly, and the overall tone sound rounder and clearer.

Literally, this mod takes a good, stock GE-7 and makes it just sound better in every way.

If you're like me, and need to use the occasional "throw in the chain" EQ pedal, and the GE-7 is your choice, make sure you get this mod done. For me now, its a complete no-brainer.

Reliability Well, this is still a Boss pedal. I have no worries about it.

Customer Support Never dealt with Boss, support for the mod is whoever does it for you.

Liked about it Delivered on its claims. It did reduce the noise, improve the sound, and increased the usable range of all the sliders.

Didn't like I'm a guy who likes to tinker, so I would probably attempt this mod myself in the future. The specs for the mod are available all over the internet via Google. I needed a GE-7 and bought this one eBay just to try it out, but I would prefer to know exactly what is different between the modded and stock pedal.

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By blackspy
Jan 29, 2010
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