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Boss ME-25 Guitar Multiple Effects Featured

All you need is a guitar and the ME-25 and you're ready to sound like a pro. This compact multi-effect boards is flat-out packed with the effects you'll want and need to write, cover, and jam on just about any song idea or style possible. The ME-25 is made by the stompbox gurus over at BOSS, and those guys definitely know tone. It's like they wanted to put everything...

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Ultra-light Multi-effects Pedal featured

Ease Of Use Overall, the pedal is fairly easy to use when you get used to it. The complicated part is that there are many different types of presets, which allows you to edit them directly on the pedal or on the computer. A CD will come with the product that allows you to install the program called the "ME-25 Edit", which lets you save, export, import, or edit new patches. Importing patches onto the ME-25 is a real pain because the program is complicated unless you are a computer genius. However, the instruction manual is easy to read and gives you visual diagrams, but the instructions are too short and doesn't give much information on about how to change the patches and how to record via USB.

Sound I used different types of guitars (Fender Strat, Gibson Explorer, Epiphone Explorer, Ibanez Jem7v WH, Greco Les Paul, and OLP JP Signature Model)with a Marshall practice amp (MG10CD). The amp is probably one of the worst sounding amps I ever used, but with this ME-25, the amp will sound pretty good. It fits with any type of guitars (Single Coil, Humbucker, and Soapbar). The volume is adjustable via pedal or the knob. I usually set-up my knob to 12 o' clock and the pedal less than or equal to half way. Therefore, if you want ear-bleeding sound, the pedal has it. I usually plug my headphones on to the pedal without the amp because I can concentrate on my playing, and also sounds better. My favorite artists are Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Gary Moore, James Hetfield, Joe Bonamassa, etc. If you use single coil pickups, the pedal will give a beautiful twang sound. Some presets will even make the single coils to sound like a heavy metal guitar (although the hum noise is extremely painful). On the other hand, the humbuckers give clear and warm sound. Basically, with all the effects, you can play any genre of music. The pedal is provided with almost all major pedals you can think of (Wah-wah, chorus, flanger, delay, phaser, acoustic simulator, reverb, tube screamer, blues, sustainer pedal, whammy pedal, and many other). It also comes with a tunner if you didn't know.

Reliability The pedal is very light. Therefore it's very easy to carry around (if you have a huge pocket on you gig bag, it might just fit right in there). I have it for almost a year now and had no problems with it, except that multi-effect pedals are complicated to use. Another problem is that I dropped a portable radiator on to the pedal, which led the pedal to have a huge dent on the plastic pedal. Other than that, the majority of the pedal body is made out of metal so it is quite durable.

Liked about it 1. Sound - Clean and beautiful. The "Super Stack" button is good for playing songs like from Metallica. It also gives a clear response with headphones.

2. Tuner - I don't have to unplug my guitar and connect it to one of those small portable tuners anymore.

3. Portable - Very light than I thought. I held a ME-70 pedal once and it was super heavy. It also uses AA batteries instead of that expensive 9v batteries. But I usually have it plugged on to a AC adapter.

Didn't like 1. Complicated - Patches are difficult to import and time consuming to make my own sounds. This pedal was very hard to get used to for me.

Nothing else.

Overall satisfaction:

By mizukster777
Apr 13, 2011
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Price: $21 to $158
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