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Boss PS-5 Super Shifter Featured

Smart shifter - Key sensitive - Whammy effect - Multiple Detune and harmony modes -

Price: $6 to $99 at 4 stores
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Excellent compact harmony pedal featured

Ease Of Use I bought this pedal as a cheap route instead of the Digitech Whammy. It's fairly straight forward but does require some thought and manual reading. I wouldn't say it's difficult to use, but it does have several functions and some work better than others in various applications. I used the manual to get the general idea of tones and then tweaked it to my tastes.

Sound I found it pretty easy to get a decent whammy effect using the tremolo setting, which was my primary purpose in buying the pedal. I would use it to raise my notes an octave and it gets me the sound I'm looking for. I also was able to get pretty good tracking harmony lines with it's other settings and the key sensetive feature works reasonably well. You can definitely tell that it is a digital pedal tracking your guitar, but that can also be a neat buildig block for some cool modern tones. The detune mode offers an almost chorus like effect with minimal pitch shifting settings. I used the pitchshifter mode for chordal stuff but found it a little too much for the processor to handle and it had a lot of digital artifacts dirtying up the sound. One thing I have noticed is that engaging any of the effects brightens your tone considerable. It's hard to get a mellow tone when using this pedal, particularly if any distortion is being used in conjunction.

Reliability I bought mine used over 3 years ago and it functions just fine. I've never had any issues and most Boss products have a reputation for being solid and durable.

Customer Support Never needed to.

Liked about it 1. Whammy effect is good enough for me and cheaper (albeit not as versatile) than the Digitech Whammy
2. Chorus-like effect has given me an additional flavor I was not expecting but enjoy
3. Key sensetivity and tracking are pretty good.

Didn't like 1. Very difficult to make adjustments on the go. This is a set and forget pedal because the knobs in general are very close together and it's impossible to read the labels on the pedal in a gig setting. Also, the dual knobs sometimes stick together so you have to hold one in position while rotating the other. On the other hand, I don't know how they could've kept the features while making it more user friendly without making a bigger pedal.

Overall satisfaction:

By smooth55
Aug 19, 2009
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Price: $6 to $99
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at 4 stores

metal harmonies, to vai type dual leads.

Ease Of Use easy as, plug, turn knobs and youre rearing to go@

Sound i used my paul gilbert and marshall to play paul vs king kong
sounded awesome, kept u with al my fast playing, no problems!

Reliability i gigged it with my band for one of our song whick needed dual guitars (and we dont have 26 frets aha)
i can definitely depend on it!

Customer Support nope.

Liked about it 1 - dual harmonies up to an octave
2 - easy to use
3 - can kee up if youre shreding:D no lag!

Didn't like 1 - can be annoying have to bend down and change it while playing
2 - nothing
3 - nothing.

Overall satisfaction:

By Cam-Vai
Oct 25, 2009
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Price: $6 to $99
Compare Prices
at 4 stores

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