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About the Analog Chorus at All sound samples at his website. - - This is an all analog chorus pedal that has that deep lush sound that the old vintage chorus pedals had, because I use the same chips that have been long discontinued. - - It has controls for rate and depth. This is the same basic circuit as the water box, but in a smaller case and is perfect for the player who doesnt need all of the features of the water box and would like it in a smaller case. - - The "Analog Chorus" has a nice deep lush sound and the rate control has plenty of room to get the fast chorus that some players like, or you can back it down low for a slow rate and every where in between. - - It runs on a 9v adapter or batery.. - - Specs: - BBD MN3007, MN3101 analog chips - True bypass - Alpha pots - 1% metal film resistors, High quality caps - Neutrik jacks - Operates on 9v batery or 9v adapter - Military grade circuit board - Military grade wire - Size 4.78" x 2.61" x 1.4

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Ease Of Use Super easy, two knobs.. It does follow instruction manual.

Sound It sound like a boutique luxury chorus pedal.. Its for dreaming away with the clean sound or take the Nothing Else Matters song to another step up.

Reliability Totally 200%. I could beat it with a sledgehammer to prove it.

Customer Support Chat Mathews is a serious guy that wants to please you. Fast and easy.

Liked about it I Liked the price, quality, duality.

Didn't like If i need more options. I can buy his WATER BOX:

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By fireheart82
May 03, 2011
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