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CMATMODS Deluxe Sustainer Compressor Pedal

Chat Mathews custom builded Boutique Pedals. Improved ROSS pedals with more options. - bout the Deluxe Compressor - - The Ross Clone Deluxe Compressor has controls for Sustain, Level and optional Attack Footprint of a Boss or Ibanez and has a bright blue LED and True Bypass. - - The Deluxe version adds Tone control and Attack control, to give you even more control over YOUR TONE! - - The Ross Compressor is one of the most widely recognized compressors among tone freaks. They have a very natural and transparent sound. My clone is an upgraded version of this classic with better parts and better matched transistors, as well as true Bypass. Pedal is dead quiet with hardly any noise. - - The Ross Clone is also available in a 4 Knob version that adds Tone control and Attack control, to give you even more control over YOUR TONE! - - Comes STANDARD in Silver - - Specs: - Durable powder coated or painted hammer-tone finish - Davies knobs - Switchcraft jacks - Alpha pots - Blue LED - EH 3DPT true bypass switch - Military grade wiring - Hand picked and matched parts for tone and durability - Works on a 9V Battery or Adapter

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CMATMODS Deluxe Sustainer Compressor Pedal

Ease Of Use Its easy as using toilet paper. Just turn the paper when used on the one side.
It has 4 knobs and its all for the fun. I didn't need a manual to hear me through the sound i was after.

Sound Clean its awesome with fender, to get that compressed twang. With Distortion the sound gets compressed and its clearer to hear what you riffs wants to express if you use more strings at ones.
Sustain lasts forever.-

Reliability Like a tank.

Customer Support He is so awesome. Gave me 100$ discount on buying two pedals. He answered on emails on seconds.

Liked about it The looks. Beauty. The Originality..

Didn't like For metal it could have more,.. Like driver/harmonizing.. But that's need more cash:p BECAUSE HE CAN BUILD whatever you want.

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By fireheart82
May 03, 2011
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