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DOD 240 Resistance Mixer

The DOD 240 is a passive signal processor, with 4 control knobs, 4 output/input jacks and 1 ouput/input jack that allows a wide variety usage e.g. Four guitars to a pedal board or mix matching your pedals to one output.

Price: $21 to $62 at 2 stores
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Cheap, Though and Easy to use Signal processor by DOD

Ease Of Use When I got it no instruction manuals were included only warranty cards etc. This rugged metal box is just what I wanted to separate my metal Distortion signal from the rest of my Pedal chain. The 4 control knobs controls the mount of signal passing through it almost like a volume control. I'm using a Boss AB 2 in front of it which select My pedal settings which share a BBE Sonic Stomp. Well that's just my set up, this device can be use on any sound reinforcement set ups eg mics, amps etc...

Sound Out of the 4 knobs I'm only using 2 of them, its really effective on my settings, it doesn't suck out your tones and its completely controllable, and as its a passive device , no batteries or adapter is use just plug and play!! Now, my pedal board are organized in terms of signals, this device is very handy

Reliability Its built with A though die cast metal, like other good pedals. I would buy this again if something were to happen to it..

Liked about it Its cheap,US made and easy to use

Didn't like Maybe indicator led light on each control knobs would be great

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By mar01
Jun 07, 2011
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Price: $21 to $62
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