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+/- 12dB to 7 frequencies as well as an over all volume cut/boost - 9v battery or adapter power - Metal construction although the switch you step on is a plastic plate.

Price: $30 to $55 at 2 stores
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Great EQ featured

Ease Of Use Very easy to use, just move the sliders up and down to cut or boost a particular frequency. There is a notch at the midpoint so that you can know you are at zero if you don't want to do anything to that frequency. The overall volume boost or cut is great because it allows you to use the pedal as merely a tone shaper or also as a booster. That said, it does take a little time to mess with the pedal to find what you're looking for if you aren't familiar with what frequency ranges are for what sounds.

Sound I use this pedal as a solo boost most of the time. It brings out a bit of highs and articulation on the solos to separate me from the rest of the band. The volume boost kicks things over the top after a little EQ. I find that most of the time I EQ with reduction rather than boosting. If I'm getting a muddy sound, I tend to cut some of the bass frequencies rather than boosting the mids or treble. I find that it gives me greater control that way although there are still times where I nudge a frequency up a little to give me a boost. It is a very powerful tone shaper and is an excellent compliment to any of my amps. I keep it in the loop and it is not noisy at all.

Reliability I've had this pedal for over 10 years. I don't believe they make it any more. I use it with battery power mostly because there is a tendency to ground loop when I run any of my pedals from the same power supply both in front of my amp and in the loop. It's held up great and continues to perform. The sliders still feel robust.
The switch has started to go. I always leave it on when I use it so I never noticed. After reading the above, I decided to see whether mine still worked or not. Now, I don't really have the option of turning it off even if I wanted to. The switch works 1 out of 8 presses...
Considering the pedal is over 10 years old and I just am now noticing this, I'd still have to give it fairly good marks.

Customer Support Never needed to contact them. I don't believe they make this product new any longer but you can still find information about it online through DOD's website.

Liked about it 1. Ease of use.
2. 7 band EQ is a great middle ground for pedal users, not too many or too few.
3. Price, I think I got it for around $50 at the time I purchased it in the late 90's.

Didn't like 1. Need to buy an AC adapter - almost all companies do this and it is always a minus in my book. You shouldn't have to buy another $20 adapter after you've purchased a pedal, regardless of the price.
2. Switch gave out on me.

Overall satisfaction:

By smooth55
Oct 30, 2009
Last updated: December 17, 2009
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Price: $30 to $55
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at 2 stores

Good EQ on the cheap.

Ease Of Use Quite easy to use. Just explore the sliders and hear what each does to you tone.

Sound I used this pedal to boost the front end of my old Marshall 8100. It did a great job, adding output and bite to my tone.

Reliability Unfortunately the switch crapped out on my and I could not get it working again. This was a common problem with all DOD pedals though.

Customer Support No dealings.

Liked about it I like the variety of tone shaping options this pedal gave me. The casing was also metal and very strong.

Didn't like The switch mainly. Such a terrible switch. Luckily it was on mostly all the time so I didn't have to keep using the switch. But it only lasted so long.

Overall satisfaction:

By Van Noord
Nov 24, 2009
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Price: $30 to $55
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at 2 stores

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