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Danelectro CTO-1 Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive

Danelectro Transparent Overdrive pedal. First Generation that was rumored to be a "Timmy" clone.

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Danelectro CTO-1 Transparent Overdrive featured

Ease Of Use This OD pedal is a great tool that is easy to use. It has 4 simple controls - Drive, Volume, Bass and Treble. It is easy to get a great BOOST or DRIVE sound from this pedal.

Sound I haven't tried the original Timmy pedal but this thing sounds so good I can't imagine that it is too far off. I use it as a slightly saturated boost but I tried it with a more self sufficient driven sound in the store through a blues jr. and it did that fine as well. It has a great EQ section that allows you to use it as a treble or bass booster. I mainly use it with all of the knobs at or around 12 0'clock.

The name explains the tone of this pedal very well. It can provide a huge, fat boost of drive to your amp but doesn't add any dirt to speak of; VERY transparent. It is a great compliment to my BB Preamp, which I use in a similar way but it has a little hair to its tone.

Danelectro is on version 2 of this pedal now. I believe they were catching a lot of flack for it being a complete rip off of the Timmy pedal. I know a local guitar player that builds and sells his own brand of hand built pedals. He had a real Timmy, which he demoed at a seminar in my home town. After getting his hands on a CTO-1 he took it apart and compared the component values and signal path etc. and ended up selling his Timmy and buying 4 CTO's. I'm not sure why he bought so many but he felt it was close enough to be a replacement. He might have been using the others for experimentation?

Reliability I have only had this pedal for about a week but it is in a solid metal housing and I believe it will be reliable enough. I don't know the quality of the switch but I think it will hold up as well as any other "over seas" built guitar pedals.

Customer Support I have had no need to contact Danelectro.

Liked about it Unique Tone, ease of use. At $49 I couldn't pass it up. You can find them for less if you look around.

Didn't like The footprint is larger than it needs to be.

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By JayRobIBZ
Feb 10, 2010
Last updated: February 14, 2010
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