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Danelectro Fab Metal Featured

Loads of midrange and high-frequency output will take your metal tone to wicked new levels. Unleash harmonic squeals and massive amounts of sustain with ease. Level, Tone, and Gain knobs provide simple yet effective control.

Price: $8 to $26 at 17 stores
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Fab or Fail?

Ease Of Use The knobs are mounted on the rear of the pedal, opposite to where you are looking from (the same side as the 9v jack plug is on a Boss Pedal). This in itself is not a problem, but the controls still turn clockwise to increase. Since they are facing away from you, you have to reach over and turn anti-clockwise from your point of view. It is as confusing as that last sentence was written. I really don't like it, and you have to do a lot of tweaking to get a good sound so it is a major drawback.

The floor of the pedal has to come off to get to the battery, but there is a good thumb screw, so it isn't a problem.

Sound Adds a fair amount of sustain but the tone is very glassy and brittle. Higher notes become shrill unless you turn the tone back to almost zero, at which point it becomes muddy. I actually find myself turning the amp down as I play because I don't like upper registers.

It does provide some quite aggressive fuzz/buzzy tones which are good for rhythm playing, but forget it for lead work.

To be honest, it is a cheap distorion pedal, so it isn't surprising that it isn't versatile, or particularly great.

Reliability Never had an issue, but it does feel a little cheap (which is fair enough, because it was). I would take a back up, or better still use that instead.

Customer Support Never used them

Liked about it Sustain is good
Good Palm muted sounds

Didn't like The control layout is plain stupid and counter intuitive
The tone is too shrill to make it a versatile unit

Overall satisfaction:

By nickcoumbe
Nov 15, 2009
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Price: $8 to $26
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