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Digitech RP350 Multi-effects Modeling Pedal

Intuitive operation - pick one of 30 settings from the Tone Library; add your choice from 30 Effect Library combinations - * 27 Amp/Preamp/Acoustic models with A/B switching - Vintage models of '57 Deluxe, '65 Twin, Vox AC30, Marshall Super Lead etc. - Modern rectifiers and boutique amps - * 70 Factory/70 User presets - * Power supply included - * Included Cubase LE4 Music Production Software - - -

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Amazing range of tones in one small pedalboard

Ease Of Use The RP350 has 3 footswitches, 2 to change the preset up or down, and one to switch between the Amp A and B channels. It has six knobs to edit the various parameters of the different effects. It is very simple and easy to use, and once you're familiar with it, you can create and fine tune any desired tone in a couple of minutes.

It also has a USB port with which you can run the pedalboard directly into the computer to either: 1. edit and backup your presets using the X-Edit software included with the product, or 2. use it to record directly with any recording software. This is what I use whenever I record something because it delivers your sound directly to the computer without any loss of tone.

Sound I use a Line 6 Spider III 15 Watt amp and either an Epiphone Les Paul Standard or an '87 Ibanez RG550, and this pedalboard has some amazing sounds. The unit has a pickup emulator (humbucker or single coil), wah (3 wah models), compressor (3 compressor models), distortion (17 different stompbox distortions) amplifier (28 amp models and 19 cabinet models), 4-band EQ (bass, mid, high, and presence, as well as mid frequency), noise gate, chorus/fx (30 different effects with everything from chorus to whammy to yaya), delay (7 delay models), and reverb (6 reverb models). it also has an expression pedal that can be linked with any parameter of any effect you're using with the current preset. It also has 2 LFO (low frequency oscillators) that automatically vary the value of any parameter at a constant rate. You can make some craaaaazy sounds with the LFOs. Last but not least, the unit has a drum machine with 10 different styles and 60 different drum patterns, as well as 5 metronomes with different time signatures.

It also has "Learn-A-Lick", with which you can record a 10-second passage of a song via the AUX input, and change the speed of it without changing the pitch. This is very helpful in learning a fast solo or lick.

I never play anywhere without this pedalboard. The RP350 has an incredible variety of tones for any type of music. I've made presets for everything from heavy metal to jazz to Jimi Hendrix-style crunch.

However, I do get a lot of background noise when it is plugged in to my laptop via USB or the AUX input AND my computer is plugged into its charger. So whenever I record, I have to unplug the laptop charger to eliminate this noise.

Reliability Very reliable, I've had it for a couple years and it has never malfunctioned or broken.

Customer Support Never had any problems with the unit, never had to contact them.

Liked about it -Huge variety of tones
-Great quality sound
-Amp A/B switch, 2 amp channels for each preset. It's easier and quicker to switch between 2 different but similar sounds, and it saves space so you don't have to make 2 different presets for each amp.

Didn't like You can only use one effect at a time (e.g. you can't use whammy and chorus at the same time).
Background noise when connected to my laptop and the laptop is plugged into its charger.

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By kfm946
Jun 16, 2011
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Price: $77 to $77
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