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DigiTech RP50 Digital Amp Modeling Effect Unit

The RP50 delivers award-winning amp, cabinet and pick-up modeling, as well as an arsenal of studio-quality effects in compact pedal. It uses DigiTech's AudioDNA DSP chip to ensure that both modeling and effects are world-class, plus 24-bit A/D/A conversion so that no frequency response is lost between inputs and outputs. The RP50 includes a drum machine with 30...

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A Discontinued Classic! featured

Ease Of Use Many of the functions of this pedal aren't readily apparent. At the very least, a first time user can use the 40 different presets without any previous experience. I didn't have the manual for a while and this was my experience. I figured out the tuner, the bypass feature, and was even able to tweak some of the effects like chorus, reverb, distortion and EQ. I did use the drum machine, which has 30 different patterns to play with.

I never knew you could hook up a passive volume pedal and convert it into a wah pedal. Unfortunately, I haven't had the privilege to do so. You can hook it up to two different amps to create a stereo sound, but I haven't figured this out without the manual. Generally, gearheads would be able to use all the functions mentioned in the manual without any problems, but for non-gearheads the manual is a must.

Sound The presets are really fun to play with. Many of the sounds are great even when plugged into a laptop. The sounds are complete and an amp isn't necessary to plug it into a home studio set up. There are many effects such as distortion, compression, reverb, chorus and more that can be used to advantage. Some of the sounds I found to be goofy and unnecessary, although other guitarists of different styles might think otherwise.

The pedal emulates effects, different cabinets from vintage to modern, and even rooms like "Cathedral". I'll mention once more that the sounds are complete with or without an amp.

Reliability The pedal is really old and I've had it for a while. I've never taken it to a gig, but I have used it for the studio and jam sessions. It's pretty solid and I'm confident that it will last several more years.

It has been replaced by the RP55, and RP155, as well as versions with built in wah/volume pedals like the RP90, and full pedal boards such as the RP1000. Many of these pedals have a USB port, this one doesn't. If it should break down (which won't happen any time soon), I will consider upgrading, but it does its job just fine.

Customer Support I've never dealt with Customer Support. I've only downloaded the manual from their site.

Liked about it +Choices- Many options and endless combination's of sounds to work with. FUN!
+Durable- Simple design and build solid
+Portable- Easy to carry around for a studio session or jam

Didn't like +Some of the effects were ridiculous
+Can't navigate through presets readily in the context of a gig
+Not gig worthy

Overall satisfaction:

By psychokannibal
Mar 22, 2011
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