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Digitech Clapton Crossroads Featured


Price: $9 to $67 at 4 stores
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Clapton in a box! featured

Ease Of Use Very easy to use, good manual everthing is explained as to what the 4 knobs do on every setting.
it has seven signature settings, which are adjustable as to tone and levels;
1.'Sunshine of Your Love'
5.'Lay Down Sally'
6.'Layla' Unplugged
These settings are seleted with a rotating switch. With the other 3 knobs at 12 o'clock it is meant to represent Clapton's actual sound. I think this is very subjective to what amp you are using and its settings.
I think it is meant to be used on the clean channel but some of the settings are really good boosts on dirty channels!

Sound I mainly use this through my Evo bridge in single coil. Although it sounds ok through my Epiphone LP also.
I personally like effects 1.'Sunshine of Your Love' and 4.'Layla'
the most, and the 6.'Layla' Unplugged is ok if a little bassy. Ok a lot bassy. With this effect I use my PAF Pro in parallel and the volume wound back a bit. It sounds half way decent then.

Reliability The battery connector broke within 24 hours.
Other than that no issues, if you use the power supply. I got it as the shop demo (initally) came with no powersupply and it went through 2 brand new 9v batteries in a day....

Customer Support Just a panicked phone call to my music store to get a power supply! hahaha

Liked about it Sound - Sounds great and with some playing you can get some really authentic tones, yet works just as well as a boost pedal.
Fairly easy to use. If you read the instructions of course!
Ruggedly built (if not for the dodgey battery connector that I don't use now anyway! Would come with correct power supply if bought new.

Didn't like Has to have a power supply, it has a very powerful processor, needs minimum 300mA to work. (For comparison a Digitech Bad Monkey uses 20 -30 mA!).
7 way rotary knob increments very "small" as in you can only just feel them click from effect to effect. Could be really easy to select the wrong one.

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Dec 22, 2009
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Price: $9 to $67
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