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Digitech Dan Donegan The Weapon pedal

Seven signature Dan Donegan tones: Sitar Simulator, Pitch Shift, Distortion, Reverb and more.

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Ease Of Use Awesome pedal with 7 different sounds extremelly easy to use.
Sounds =

1. Stupify
Tight high gain "stack" tube amp distortion sound
2. Mistress
Lightly distorted rolled-off rhythm tone
3. Voices
Lush Phaser sound gives way to heavy distortion by press and hold of the pedal
4. Bound
Slow AutoWah with distortion by press and hold of the pedal
5. Down with the Sickness
Whammy sound with selectable octavve intervals
6. Stupify
Authentically modeled Sitar sound with a touch of reverb
7. Dan's personal XMM Metal Master setting

Sound With an ESP MII 6 strings guitar with evolution bridge through a peavey 5150 clean channel it sounded really clean.
Effects are very strong and with just some knobs tweaking you can get really cool sounds.From clean to death metal,sitar to auto-wah it shows its power.It has a great speaker simulator so you can plug it right to your computer or P.A.,probably the best simulator I heard.While you are playing a clean tone,just pressing its switch,it mixes your clean tone with a distorted tone.Very cool effect when playing alive,sounds like you were playing 2 guitars.Sitar sound is a little too midrangy but with an equalizer pedal you can fix that.Even without a gate pedal,it sounded really clean,obviously when you syop playing you can hear some noise coming from the amp but still it's very low comparing to other distortion pedals.

Reliability After 8 months using it no problem at all.

Liked about it 1- Deadly tones

2- Speaker simulator

3- Size

Didn't like 1- It has several sounds but you can't save them so you have to tweak knobs everytime you want to change its sound.

2- Name of knobs (a little confusing at the stage).

3- As you have to tweak to change its sounds it should have knobs with lights to show their position cause at the stage you can't see them .

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By 6fingers
Aug 13, 2009
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