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Price: $8 to $52 at 16 stores
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The most incredible pedal I´ve used. Don't judge it by its name.

Ease Of Use Yes... and No. boost knob, 3 knobs EQ... simple one would think. The EQ is as exaggerated as you can imagine, being the treble capable of making your ears bleed, and the low can be heard 2 miles away with a small amp.

Don't be afraid to try it with "low" and "middle" half the turn and with no "highs", it's a good way to start exploring it.

Sound it's insane amount of distortion (correctly EQ'ed) is the best that could happen to heavy guitar players. In detail: Infinite sustain, chord clarity (yes, try Am 7/9, guitar volume knob full and you'll understand) and can make you easily the "god of chunkness/palm mutting".

Reliability had it since 2006, NEVER HAD A PROBLEM

Customer Support Don't know. warranty expired and never used it.

Liked about it you can go from Zakk Wilde "stronger than death" to Jerry Cantrel ballads without having to do anything but moving the pick softer.
Once I learned how to EQ it, It has been my main pedal ever since.
the "recording output" that makes of recording directly to the mixer/protools "a sweet experience".

Didn't like noisy, like any pedal.
I bought it to play Death metal, and it's low response is "too heavy/slow" for it. Metal Zone has a more controlled bass response (or simply less bass) made for Thrash and the likes, which led me to have both pedals.

the rest is paradise.

Overall satisfaction:

By Kamm
Aug 14, 2012
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Price: $8 to $52
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at 16 stores

It's good at what it does, but nothing else.

Ease Of Use Simple as any other stompbox: put in settings, step on it.

Sound Unfortunately, there's not much of a variation in sound. High gain metal distortion, and that's all. However, if that's the sound you're looking for, this is as good as it gets. within this one pedal, you can basically go to whatever point of the high gain section of the tone spectrum you want.

Reliability Like most digitech pedals, this thing is build like a tank, and can definitely take being dropped a few times. only problem here is that the knobs on Digitechs entire series of distortion pedals(grunge, bad monkey, hot rod, etc.) the knobs get loose once using them for a while, and your settings may be changed without you noticing, which could end up being a problem.

Customer Support Have not used.

Liked about it -Strong, built like a tank.
-Great metal sounds
-Very small, doesn't take up very much space.

Didn't like -Only good for certain uses, this thing is a one-trick pony.
-Knobs get loose after being used for a while
-Drains batteries quickly, not a problem if you've got it on a board.

Overall satisfaction:

By Jet9
Aug 20, 2010
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Price: $8 to $52
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at 16 stores

Move Along. Nothing To See Here Folks.

Ease Of Use Well, it's a stomp box with a level control and a 3-band EQ. Doesn't really get any easier.

Ease of use: 9.5/10

Sound The Digitech Death Metal distortion pedal is a bit of an oddity. It's one of those stomp boxes that really has no reason to exist beyond pandering to a small demographic of teenagers who don't know any better.

The box is a full out "cranked to 11" distortion unit that has no gain knob, so whatever distortion it gives you you better like. The 3-band EQ works as you'd expect. The reason why there's no reason to buy this unit is that there are many alternatives that can emulate this unit's sound but that also have voice knobs and/or gain knobs which allow for far more variety.

Frankly, the distortion you do get is pretty buzz saw-ish. I do like the fact that there are two outputs; one being for direct recording. So, there's a plus.

Sound: 4/10

Reliability Digitech makes some pretty solid units. The housing itself is all tough steel so it can be dropped with little worry. The downside, as with most stomp boxes, is the plastic knobs. If you drop the unit the wrong way (is there a right way to drop something?) you can quiet easily break the knobs off.

Reliability: 8/10

Customer Support Digitech is a relatively good company as far as their customer support goes. They answer e-mails relatively quickly too, though don't expect in depth advice. They do honor their warranties without much issue but, as with a lot of the bigger companies, you probably shouldn't expect much help once your warranty runs out.

Customer Support: 7.5/10

Liked about it Top three things I like about the Death Metal

1)Cheap: It can be found on eBay for around 35 dollars new.
2)If the distortion sounds the way you like then it's about the easiest pedal to dial in.
3)Direct record out.

Didn't like Top three things I didn't like about the Death Metal:

1)Distortion quality.
2)Lack of a gain knob.
3)Mediocre battery life.

Overall satisfaction:

By Johnny Two Tone
Jan 16, 2010
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Price: $8 to $52
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at 16 stores

Digitech Death Metal

Ease Of Use Easy to use with only 4 knobs.Manual gives some presets.

Sound Features:
Level boosts the output level of your guitar signal.
Low adjusts boost and cut of bass frequencies.
Mid adjusts boost and cut of midrange frequencies
High adjusts boost and cut of high frequencies.
Dual Outputs. The Amp output is for connecting directly to a guitar amplifier. The Mixer output features Cabinet Emulation circuitry for connecting directly to a mixing board or recording device.
Of course it's not a tube distortion plenty of harmonics still it's one of the best distortions pedal.
Beside its name you can play from a very weak distortion to play some chords to a death metal massive hi gain distortion.
It doesn't generates too much feedback even with high volume amp setting.
If you want a distortion tube sound without tubes,this is the distortion pedal that comes really close.
With a chorus pedal right after it you can have a similar sound to Van Halen chorused distortion.

Reliability It comes in a rugged sturdy metal chassis with dual amp and mixer outputs giving you even more tone options.

Customer Support No problems in about 3 years.

Liked about it 1- Really good speaker simulator

2- Distortion doesn't sound like a mass even in high settings

3- Very low noise

Didn't like 1- Name and looking cause it makes some people thing it's only for hi gain distortion.

2- A little beat of a nasal sound but it can be cutted with an equalizer pedal right after it.

Overall satisfaction:

By 6fingers
Aug 25, 2009
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Price: $8 to $52
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at 16 stores

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