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Digitech GNX2

Super advanced multi-effects pedal

Price: $4 to $84 at 4 stores
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GNX2-well worth the money

Ease Of Use It is very easy to get good sound out of this board, you can even download custom made presets from Digitech's website that "Sound Community" members have contributed. You only have to have a midi/usb connector...

Sound i usually use my Ibanez Rga121 with this through my Peavey XXL... it is relatively noiseless depending on what settings you are using (built-in noisegate). The majority of the effects are funominal. You can get sounds of the likes of Yngwie,Vai,Satch,Petrucci,Johnson, Van Halen, and much more.

Reliability very dependable except for one occasion... about a month after i received this product, the amp models started switching automatically while i was playing without me hitting anything on the board, which got incredibly annoying...

Customer Support never had to deal with them

Liked about it Versatility.
Sound Quality.
Easy of Use

Didn't like when it started switching the amp models while i was playing

Overall satisfaction:

By jemmaniac
Nov 26, 2009
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Price: $4 to $84
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at 4 stores

Get it if you can find one

Ease Of Use The GNX2 is an older model, but I'm not sure anything has created that sounds better since.

There are 2 methods of editing/creating patches. The unit has dials on the front, but the more intuitive way is to connect the unit to a computer and using the software. It's easy to create patches to sound like your favorite artists.

Sound Although there is a small learning curve to creating patches, once mastered, you can get almost any sound you want out of this unit. I've had great success connecting the GNX straight into a PA system. Another great combination is a Crate Powerblock, and any cabinet you like.

Reliability I've had mine for many years, and have NEVER had a single issue with it.

Customer Support Never needed it.

Liked about it This unit is basically open architecture in that you have the ability to create ANY sound you like.
Great sounds, great potential.
Great software to create/edit your own patches.

Didn't like I stumbled around this unit for a few days before fully learning how to create patches. After that, I was on my way.

Overall satisfaction:

By lespauled
Jul 16, 2010
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Price: $4 to $84
Compare Prices
at 4 stores

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