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Digitech HardWire CR-7 Stereo Chorus Pedal

Add new dimensions to your sound. Seven unique flavors of chorus are at your disposal, from warm analog to shimmering modern to glistening DigiTech Multi-Chorus. CR-7 features true stereo I/O making connections in the craziest of signal chains a possibility. Studio, Multi, Modern, Boutique, Analog, Jazz, and Vintage Choruses can all be adjusted for Level, Speed, and...

Price: $40 to $157 at 10 stores
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good quality chorus pedal

Ease Of Use Like the other pedals in the hardwire series, this pedal requires some tweaking to get that sound that you want. The knobs are very responsive and easy to understand. The print is pretty small though, and can be difficult to read in lower light settings

Sound This pedal sounds very good. It provides that rich,watery sound that chorus pedals provide. This pedal gives some modulation to cleans and gives a nice warm sound. Also, it fattens up any kind of high gain sound, and make sit more manageable. The level knob controls just that, it takes control of how much the dry signal is affected by the chorus. The speed knob controls how fast the chorus modulates. This can vary from an almost unnoticeable variation in the sound, to a full on vibrato. The depth knob knob controls how much the speed of the modulation affects the rest of the sound. The type knob varies the sound from a very subtle modulation to a very pronounced, tremolo pedal sound. All in all this pedal has the ability to produce a ton of different sounds

Reliability very sturdy and has taken some abuse. i have gigged with this pedal and have never had any mechanical issues with it

Customer Support never dealt with digitech

Liked about it very versatile
clearly defined controls
doesnt take up much space on the pedalboard

Didn't like labeling was very small and hard to read
nothing else

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By DownHomeRock
Apr 05, 2011
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Price: $40 to $157
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at 10 stores

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