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Digitech Hardwire HT-2 Chromatic Tuner

True Bypass - Muted and Thru outputs - Chromatic tuner accurate to +/- 1 cent - Normal and Strobe tuning modes - 11 LED tuner array

Price: $30 to $90 at 6 stores
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Fine Pedal Tuner

Ease Of Use Just plug it in and step on it to engage. It's as good as most typical tuner pedals at catching your note and is fairly quick. I give it a slight edge over the Boss tuner pedal because of accuracy. The LED's are easy to read and the strobe setting works very nicely. I haven't really messed with some of the alternate settings and usually just leave it on Chromatic mode with the strobe display.

Sound It's quick and accurate enough for live work although I use my Turbo Tuner for intonation. The two outputs are nice for those who prefer to mute their guitar when tuning or pass it through while tuning. When the effect is not engaged, as the bypass indicates, there is no effect on my tone. I can't tell the difference when I have the pedal bypassed in the chain and when it is removed.

Reliability It's heavy and seems quite sturdy. I have a few other Hardwire pedals and they seem to be built to last. Never had any problems, nor do I see anything breaking on this.

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Liked about it 1. Accurate
2. Heavy and well built
3. duel outputs are nice, giving the choice to mute yourself when tuning or to run through.

Didn't like 1. Big - It's large footprint takes up more space than a just about all other pedal tuners. If space on your pedal board is an issue, I'd recommend something else. I use my Turbo Tuner and see no reason to swap to this bigger and less accurate one. Aside from that, it's a quality, well-built tuner.

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By smooth55
Jul 29, 2010
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Price: $30 to $90
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at 6 stores

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