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Digitech Whammy DT Pedal Featured

You've heard it on hundreds of records: the renowned Whammy pedal. Now, DigiTech jams guitar pitch shift effects up a notch with Whammy DT. The DT stands for - you guessed it - drop tuning. Modify your tunings without awkward pauses or guitar changes. When you've got control of your audience, you don't want to lose it with something as antiquated as messing with your...

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Digitech Whammy DT featured

Ease Of Use This is Digitech's 5th version of their popular Whammy pedal. It has all of the prior Whammy functions with some very nice additions. I'm assuming most here who read this are familiar with the Whammy's original harmony and whammy functions. This new version does all of that with the added drop tune,(up or down), function as well as a momentary switch. The drop tune function,(polyphonic,ie: all strings), allows one to dial in with the knob or an optional footswitch, the drop tune setting. Up to 7 half steps up, or up to 7 half steps down,(a fifth), or octave up or octave down. Also octave up mixed with dry signal, or octave down mixed with dry signal. This drop tune function can be used for something as simple as transposing the guitar up or down for playing in an "easier" key or for bringing a song into ones vocal range if singing. I find myself using a drop tune setting of 5 half steps down or down a 4th. This is like playing a 7 string. The E note becomes a B. It turns my 6 string into a 7 string without having to rethink chords as is the case for me with my actual 7 string. (I've played for 47 years now and have only had a 7 string for about the last year.)

Sound I use Ibanez and Gibson guitars through a JSX/Marshall combo. I go into the front of the amp or pc board with this. I'm always changing the order of my pedalboard lineup. Presently wah, distortion, overdrive, whammy, amp/pc.
There are some vids on YouTube from Digitech that can be viewed. Type in Whammy DT in YouTube's search window. I bought this pedal because my Whammy IV was acting up. The old one was requiring multiple power ups before it would work correctly and was on it last legs. One nice feature of the new pedal is that the regenerated note on the whammy/harmony side of the pedal is of equal volume of the input note. I did not really notice this with the Whammy IV until I plugged in the Whammy DT. Definitely noticeable. I've only written one other review for a Blueberry acoustic guitar, only because it impressed me very much. Such is the case with this pedal. I have lots and lots of pedals and rack gear that I could write reviews about but most are not inspiring enough IMO to do so. This pedal is an exception to my "lack of reviews" on other gear. An excellent pedal that prompted me to write this review.

Reliability I've only had it about 2 months and so far no problems. If it dies, I'll get it repaired or buy another.

Customer Support I've never had to deal with Digitech customer support so I'm not much help here. I've had other 2 other older whammy pedals repaired in the past by a 3rd party authorized repair shop.

Liked about it The drop tune function is very nice. Up to 7 half steps up, or down, plus octave up or octave down, or octave up mixed with dry signal, or octave down mixed with dry signal can be selected in this mode. The momentary switch can create some very interesting effects when having a drop tune setting engaged.
On the Whammy/Harmony side of the pedal, the output level of the regenerated note is of equal volume as the dry note coming in. Having had 3 of the prior Whammy's I did not notice this until I tried the Whammy DT. I could hear the difference.

Didn't like When using the drop tune function, there is a very small lag between the time you've played the note or notes and the time you hear it. It is just a few ms, but not so much as to make it unusable. Playing fast leads can still be done without the small lag affecting the outcome. It's a very small lag and not a deal breaker by any means, but worth mentioning.
Another small gripe would be the placement of the momentary switch. It is fairly close to the drop tune switch. A little more separation of these two switches would have been nice.
My last gripe would be the size. Real estate on pedal boards is precious nowadays and a smaller footprint would have been nice. All of these are minor complaints. Overall a very nice pedal.

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By belleswell
Jan 26, 2012
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