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The DigiTech iStomp is an entirely new concept in pedals. It works just like a traditional stompbox with one huge exception. It can be completely reconfigured by loading it with any of the 34 (and growing) e-pedals available in the Stomp Shop app. - - Unlike devices that require you to stay tethered to your iOS device, the iStomp does all of its processing internally. This means professional-quality, high-definition signal processing with no latency and you don?t need your iOS device while you?re playing. - - See what the new world of e-pedals can do for your music. -

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The Swiss army knife of stomp boxes

Ease Of Use With the iStomp, Digitech takes the ideas from Morpheus and TC Electronics one step further. The other manufacturers allows software upgrades and so-called Toneprints to be loaded onto their devices, while Digitech has now launched a stomp box that is a true chameleon. Want an overdrive for one song and a flanger for another? No problem. Just connect the iStomp to your iPhone or iPad and your effect pedal has changed in less than a minute.

The iStomp comes with a power cable and a cable to connect your device to your iPhone/iPad. It has four unlabeled knobs, a footswitch, two inputs and two outputs as well as the inputs for the two before mentioned cables. The pedal is all black and has an LED display in the style of Digitechs logo that can be displayed in many different colours. This you define when you install a new effect from your Apple device.

Sound For my demo, I downloaded three effects from Digitechs app, the Stomp Shop. This app is free, but the effects you can download come with different price tags. To get you started, Digitech offers an overdrive and a delay for free ' a nice gesture that shows faith in their own product. All effects come with a demo and you can also test them on your own device for up to five minutes before deciding on buying it or not.

The three effects I ended up testing for the iStomp was the Phaser Beam, Octaver and Jet Flanger. The results did vary and I ended up preferring the Phaser Beams qualities to the other two with a sound very similar to what you can get out of MXR's phaser pedals.

The Octaver allowed only one and two octaves down and ruled itself out from being a good alternative to the Micro POG, while the Flanger was very difficult to tame, meaning it was too extreme even on subtle settings.

This doesn't mean the effects or the idea is bad in any way, but it shows that the need to test the effect before purchasing it is important.

At the moment, Digitech offers 34 different pedals in the categories Delay/Reverb, Chorus/Modulation, Compressor/Pitch/Filter and Overdrive/Distortion. I was hoping Digitech would offer more in terms of pitch shifting, being the company behind the legendary Whammy, but that might be an ace up their sleeve for future updates. I also missed the option of a noise gate in the Stomp Shop.

Reliability So who is the target group for Digitech with the iStomp? I lean more towards the bedroom guitar players than the actively gigging musicians, as it is only a one-trick-pony in a live setting anyway (you want to see a guitar player ask the crowd for patience between songs while he updates his effect pedal?). For a stand-alone pedal it does many things very well and for home use/small practices it is more than well worth the money. But bringing it to a gig would only be an option if I were to use it for one very specific thing throughout the concert.

Customer Support Not dealt with DigiTech.

Liked about it - It's higly versatile
- The effects from the Stomp Shop are relatively cheap
- You can test the effects before purchasing

Didn't like - None of the effects I tried blew me away
- Only compatible with iPhone and iPad
- Knobs are impossible to read on a stage

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Sep 02, 2012
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A studio life saver

Ease Of Use As I said a studio life saver, but not easy enough for live use if you plan on using a limited amount of "iStomp" pedals.

It took me a good couple of looks to get started with this thing. I thought I would be a walk in the park since I'm one of those people who refuse to read manuals haha. It seems as if you have to download the pedal effect sim of your choice to the pedal every time you want to use a "single" effect. So yes you cannot add 2 effects in the pedal at the same time...which would be so cool.

I just wish this was pc compatible, I got this item thinking it was pc compatible until I noticed the signature Apple fire wire.

Its Ok for ease of use, but unless you have multiple of these pedals(Which cost $$$$$ but themselves which you can Craigslist for way cheaper), your not going to get the best from the concept.

I do like the fact that you can have access to many pedals(that you buy from the store) for reasonable prices and can be loaded to the pedal at anytime.

Sound Now I only got to use two pedals due to time and the fact my ipad is having touch screen issues.

For Redline Overdrive, its not a bad sounding effect at all, it may sound a bit... ehh how can I say this, digital/preEQ'd but its a pretty decent sound and useful effect. On the clean channel of my amp you can get some nice bluesy lead tones or you can use it for a 90s style over drive effect. On the lead channel you can use it to add that sparkle to your lead tone or help you get that compressed sounding tone that's great for legato.

Now the delay effect that comes with it, I did not have enough cables to have the iStomp go through my loops effects in the back of my amp so I ran the pedal through input (treated it like a compressor to the signal).

The delay also sounds great! I could only use it on clean channel since I did no run it through loops.
I did not go dirty with the effect since the delay would also get distorted because the effect is running before the amp :(

Reliability It seems heavy but I would not really travel to much with this since it seems heavy in electronics and a bit shock fragile in my opinion.

Customer Support Never had to deal with digitech

Liked about it Comes with DC converter

Lots of knobs

A bit light

Didn't like again with the screws for battery compartment, I mean I know its a wide/big pedal but I just don't like unscrewing pedal backs.


Apple products only

Overall satisfaction:

By Aires
Aug 16, 2012
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