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Dunlop Cry Baby From Hell


Price: $73 to $88 at 2 stores
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Tweakable and loveable

Ease Of Use The Dunlop's Crybaby From Hell is the Swiss army knife of wah pedals. Road-proof with it's solid metal housing, great grip for the foot and an easily accessible boost switch makes this wah a big favorite. At least when playing with dirt - more on that a bit down.
Seen from above you have the main switch on the top right. Turn the knob for six different pre-set sweeping frequencies. Bottom left has a red switch that when active gives you a solo boost, if you need your wah wah to really cut through the mix.
On the right side of the pedal is three small knobs; one to adjust the solo boost switch from minimum (o dB) to maximum (15 dB), the next two is to fine tune the wah - including the peak of the wah to the sweep range of the wah.
You also have two output jack options.
Bottom of the wah has two LED lights which indicate on (green light) and active boost (red light).
Power comes through a 9v battery (easy to reach from underneath, no screwdrivers needed) or a 9v power cable (not included) located on the right side.
The wah also comes with a torque to adjust the resistance of the pedal when rocking the pedal.
Make sure you have time to explore the features when trying this wah, this has much more tricks up it's sleave than a signature tone like other signature models.

Sound The sound of the wah is quite versatile. Definitely something from every Dunlop wah in this camo-housing. With the exception of the original, as the Crybaby from Hell prefers to play with saturated tones to clean passages. Funky clean whacka-whacka riffs are not the strong sides of this wah - but then again, with it's name and looks you want this for metal. I bought this as a replacement for the Big Bad Wah from Vox. Not a bad wah at all but more suitable for lower gain and cleaner tones.

Reliability It'll probably outlive me without much problems. Solid built, lot's of options and no annying squeeking or other noise when operating.

Customer Support Not dealt with Dunlop.

Liked about it - The wah has tons of options, you'll likely find your own signature wah-sound.
- LED indicators is a big plus.
- Variable solo boost.

Didn't like - I almost passed on this due to me being fed up with things bearing Dime's name. Bit of tape solves that.
- Pricey enough to make you want to test it in person.
- Solo boost placement requires a bit of free space on the right of the wah as it needs to be kicked in/out with a sideways motion.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Dec 04, 2011
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Price: $73 to $88
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at 2 stores

Dunlop Cry Baby From Hell

Ease Of Use Awesome pedal with the strongest wah sound ever.It comes with a bunch of switches that turns it into a wah factory machine.You can have several different wah sounds in it.Lets talk about its controls =

1- Adjustable Q control modulates frequency breadth of effect.
2- Adjustable volume boost knob from 0 to + 17 dB for louder volume when soloing.
3- Volume boost on/off switch mounted on side (red led indicates on).
4- Fine tune knob adjusts the toe down sweep range.
5- Six position knob selects frequency center of wah effect.
6- Monted on side wah led indicates wah effect is on.

Sound With line6 spider 75 watts amp and Esp MII and dimarzio Evolution on bridge position,you can hear in my Summer Song sample how clean and strong wah effect is.You can even make it sounds more like a Steve Vai Bad Horsie wah wich has a wicker wah effect.

Summer Song sample =

Reliability Built like a tank and it has a sandpaper over its pedal wich doesn't let your foot slide out.

Liked about it 1- The strongest wah effect ever

2- Built like a tank

3- Volume boost for solos

Didn't like 1- Price

2- For that price it should comes with an ac adapter

Overall satisfaction:

By 6fingers
Aug 19, 2009
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Price: $73 to $88
Compare Prices
at 2 stores

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