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Dunlop DC Brick Power Supply Featured

More than a power supply, this box is a power conditioner as well. Unlike aging batteries, the Brick supplies predictable voltage at all times, keeping your effects consistent from show to show. Its FCLC (Foldback Current Limiting Circuit) provides ultimate protection against power shorts and overloads. Even at full load, you'll enjoy the quiet and cool operation of a...

Price: $3 to $71 at 7 stores
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Spark up your pedal board!

Ease Of Use The DC Brick powers up to 3x18 volt pedals and 7x9 volt pedals. The DC Brick has a capacity of 1000 milliamps output and that is more than enough to serve all 10 spots at once.
It comes with all the cables you need and its solid blue LED light indicated when it is connected.

Sound The benefits of using a power supply over batteries are many. It's environment-friendly, you don't have to worry about your batteries dying during a gig and your effects makes less noise when they get fed right. And a power supply takes up just one socket, compared to all the single adapters in use.

Reliability I've had no problems with the DC Brick. It seems very reliable. However the cables included is a bit short for powering 10 stomp boxes at once. T-Rex supplies two sets of cables (long and short) with their power supplies and that should be an idea for Dunlop in the future.

Customer Support Never dealt with Dunlop.

Liked about it - Solid built.
- With 7x9V and 3x18V it gives good value for your money.
- Replace your batteries and you'll notice your pedals will become more quiet.

Didn't like - The cables are a bit short.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Dec 12, 2010
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Price: $3 to $71
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at 7 stores

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