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MXR EVH-117 Flanger Featured

Dunlop and Edward Van Halen have collaborated to bring back the classic tone of the MXR Flanger that powered timeless Van Halen tunes like "Unchained" and "And the Cradle Will Rock." The result of their effort is the MXR EVH 117 Flanger, a stompbox with the same bucket-brigade technology that provided the sweeping, whooshing magic of the original. This updated model...

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The flanger for a VH tone fiend. featured

Ease Of Use This is your typical flanger, nothing special setting wise. Manual, width, speed, regen. The best way to get familiar with what they all do is to play with them and hear how the sound changes. There is also a button that bypasses the manual settings on the pedal, and uses the Eddie Van Halen settings.

Sound This EVH117 is modeled after the classic MXR 117 Flanger, and has that same thick, chunky flange sound no matter how you set it. It is far from a one trick pony, you can get chorus like sounds, vibe type sounds, and of course countless flange tones. The best "trick" it does by far is the instant recall of the EVH setting. You press it and you've got the classic EVH flange. Think Unchained, Hear About it Later, Aftershock and others. It is just perfect. I have no complaints about this unit sound wise. It might be just my ears or my setup, but I did find that this pedal, unlike the EVH90, was not 100% transparent in my effects chain when it was bypassed. Removing it restored my usual tone.

Reliability Dunlop / MXR have built these pedals to their usual high quality. You'd be hard pressed to damage it accidentally.

Customer Support Never dealt with them.

Liked about it I loved the thick chunk of the flange this unit puts out, EVH setting or not, it's a great flanger. Solid construction. With the EVH switch you can technically have two flange settings, your own manually set one and the EVH setting.

Didn't like I was really surprised that the EVH 117 was tone sucker when bypassed. Then again, like I said earlier, it might just be my ears or something about my setup. I have not heard this complaint from anyone else. I wish they'd made the EVH button a little larger, something I could press with my foot easily, so that I could use it to switch between my manual sound, and the EVH sound. Also, like the EVH90 Phaser, this unit sports a Van Halen inspired paint job which might be a little off putting for some.

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By blackspy
Oct 13, 2009
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Price: $106 to $191
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