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Ebtech HE-8 Hum Eliminator

This 8-Channel Hum Eliminator from Ebtech breaks ground-loops safely while leaving all signal grounds intact. Automatically translates signal voltages to match differences in ground potentials, avoiding clipping. Converts between balanced & unbalanced lines. 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs.

Price: $142 to $220 at 2 stores
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If you use rack gear this unit is a must-have!!

Ease Of Use This unit couldn't be any more easy to use. Simply insert the Ins and Outs of the HE-8 in between two pieces of gear and you're done. Yes, it requires more patch cables, but the trade-off of a quiet rack is definitely worth it. The HE-8 is passive so requires no power and does not color tone at all!

Sound As previously noted, the HE-8 does not color sound at all because it has no sound-affecting components. The main purpose of the HE-8 is to break ground loops, but you get much more than that. The HE-8 is also capable of converting between balanced and unbalanced inputs. The best of both worlds!!

Reliability Haven't had an issue with it since I purchased it (second-hand) and it's been a solid part of my rig ever since. Every component I have goes through the HE-8 and my rig has never been more quiet. The only noise that gets generated is preamp noise when I really crank the gain.

Customer Support Never had to call them--every Ebtech/Morley product I own is rock-solid.

Liked about it Makes my rig dead quiet!!
Extremely easy to use and understand!
No power required--passive unit!!

Didn't like Only has 8 channels--however, their manual states that if you install your rig one component at a time and only use the HE-8 between offending components, the HE-8 should be able to handle almost any rig.

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By racerevlon
Jan 02, 2012
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Price: $142 to $220
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at 2 stores

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