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Line 6 ToneCore MS1 Echo Park Delay Pedal

The Line 6 Echo Park ToneCore pedal is based on Line 6's award-winning DL4 Delay Modeler. Echo Park is loaded with unbelievable sounding models including analog, tape, and digital delay, all easily adjusted with the Tap Tempo feature. Different delay patterns such as slap, ping pong, swell, and sweep can be adjusted with the twist of a knob, and the Mod dial can be...

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Delay that goes from mild to wild

Ease Of Use This is an excellent delay pedal that has a ton of great sounding delays on tap. It's based on the their DL4 and is basically the same pedal in a smaller package with a few less features. It's tap tempo and has 11 different delay types from simple slap to multi taps, swell, ping pong, reverse and ducking (my favorite). It's stereo in and out. You can switch it for a soft analog, crisp digital or fluttery tape type tone. Each delay type has it's own unique modulation effect which you can control with the mod knob (analog/vibrato, digital/chorus, tape/wow & flutter). It's also got a switch to select if you want the tails on after switching it off or not. Easy to operate and great sounding.

Sound I'm currently using it in the loop of my 2266 Vintage Modern. It replaced my DE7 (which is a surprisingly good digital delay for a low cost pedal) The Echo Park just has many more delays available and tap tempo which is a big plus.

Reliability I'm not sure because I've only had mine for a few months I bought it used and it has a few battle scars and is still going strong. I don't expect any problems because it's built like a tank. The thing is in a VERY THICK cast case that must weigh 5 lbs.

Customer Support Never called them.

Liked about it It's got a lot of tone features in a small package.

Didn't like It weighs a ton. Seriously, you could crack a skull with this thing. You certainly wouldn't want too many tone core pedals on your board. It might be a challenge for the velcro. Some people have complained that it is very noisy and has a buzzing sound, here's a hint, you have to run it on it's own power supply. It's dead quiet when you do that. It takes a standard Boss style power supply which is what I'm using.

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By Riffraff
Feb 26, 2011
Last updated: March 05, 2011
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