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Ernie Ball WAH Pedal Featured

Made from an aluminum alloy casting providing major durability. 12 degree foot sweep with a smooth coated kevlar drive. True bypass, adjustable on/off switch with a bright LED when on. AC or battery powered. Pedal dimensions: 4" W x 11" L x 2 3/4" H

Price: $8 to $149 at 8 stores
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Top notch wah, perfect for rock and metal players featured

Ease Of Use The Ernie Ball Wah Pedal is like any other regular wah pedal. It is very simple to use; step on the rocking pedal, push down with your toe to activate the wah, and rock your foot back and forth to sweep through the wah's range.

The pedal sweeps back and forth with just the right amount of resistance. It is very easy to keep your sweeps nice and controlled, and I felt like I didn't even have to try to avoid switching the wah bypass.

If you find the bypass switch a little to hard or soft for your liking it can be adjusted simply with a 5/8" spanner. Turn the switch's nut clockwise raises the switch, thereby making it easier to switch, whilst counter-clockwise lowers it, making it harder to switch off. I found the switch to be my liking at the stock height, so I haven't felt the need to adjust it at all.

You can also run the Ernie Ball Wah from a standard nine volt battery, or Boss style negative tip AC adapter. A green LED on the left hand side of the pedal lets you know if the effect is engaged, although the sound change will be a pretty big indicator that the pedal is working!

Sound I have found the sound of the Ernie Ball Wah to be perfect. It isn't too muddy, nor is it too shrill and piercing. It seems that Ernie Ball have found the perfect filter range for their wah pedal for most styles of music. I predominately play rock, punk and metal, and I have found it to be the pedal wah companion for these styles.

With a clean setting on my Blackstar HT-5 the Ernie Ball Wah sounds great both through single coil and humbucker pickups, It gets great funk sounds, without getting overly shrill, and clean blues sounds sweet as well. It sounds particularly sweet when playing slow single note blues phrasing.

I did find that with higher output pickups that the wah did distort a little at the high end of the wah sweep, but it's not really an issue. I found that it added some character to my playing.

Give it some dirt and the Ernie Ball Wah shines. It sounds ballsy and tough, and really suits high gain lead tones. You don't have to worry about any really shrill tones, and the lower ranges sound really fat without getting too flabby.

Slower passages, and fast shreddy licks both sounded fantastic. I think you would be hard pressed to look past the Ernie Ball Wah if you play lead guitar in a rock or metal setting.

Ernie Ball saw fit to install true-bypass switching, so the Wah will not affect your bypassed signal in any way. The switch does not introduce any clicking sounds in to the signal either.

Reliability The Ernie Ball Wah is built like a tank! It has a solid aluminium enclosure, with a nice grippy surface on the rocker pedal itself. The switches and jacks all feel extremely solid, and are built to endure many, many stage performances by even the roughest of players.

Customer Support I haven't dealt directly with Ernie Ball. I won the Wah on Jemsite, and Ernie Ball once notified sent me the pedal express courier, meaning it arrived in Australia only a few days after it was sent. I believe that Ernie Ball providing products to the Jemsite review program shows that they really stand by their products.

Liked about it Rock solid build quality
* Fantastic wah sound, never gets too screechy, or flabby.
* True-bypass switching

Didn't like Nothing, I think this wah is fantastic!

Overall satisfaction:

By LonePhantom
Dec 09, 2010
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Price: $8 to $149
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at 8 stores

It fits the bill featured

Ease Of Use There's really not a lot of variation in the way WAH pedal's function, but there are a couple of things that Earnie Ball has done to make things a little nicer for you. The power & signal jacks on the pedal are at the front instead of the side which definitely is a plus for keeping your pedal board very neat. (One thing I can't stand is the amount of extra space taken up by the cables attached to my side-connecting pedals in my pedal-board! Something I wish my BB Preamp and Carl Martin Hot Drive 'N Boost both had.)

Another nicety is the ease by which you can change the amount of pressure required to engage/disengage the WAH effect, by adjusting a set screw. Also, a pair of green lights on either side of the pedal let you know if it is engaged. And finally, I rather like the seemingly over-sized foot pedal itself -- plenty large enough for my size 12 foot!

Sound The sound in summary? Put simply, it just sounds great. One of the first things I noticed was the expanded travel on this pedal from what I'm used to. It is a full twelve degree foot sweep, and that extra travel really is noticeable. The sound never seems to get down into the muddy tones or up into super screechy shrills. Comparing it to both the WAH effect in my old Boss ME-10 with expression pedal attachment and my Line 6 POD's floorboard pedal, the EB has a much nicer tone sweep than either of those, and I find myself rediscovering just how cool adding WAH effects to my solos can be.

I've used it in front of my input going directly into my Egnater Tourmaster 4212, as well as in front of my Boss GT-10 floorboard which has been connected both to my mixer directly as well as into the effects loop of the Tourmaster. In all cases I've found that the EB WAH pedal's voicing sounds better to my ear, both with distorted/overdriven tones as well as clean.

I did find that I missed having some type of a range-limit knob, such that I could make the tones a bit narrower. This isn't a huge complaint however, since gaining that kind of subtle control with your own foot is really the best approach.

I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars due to its price and lack of range limiting control, but it really is a nice sounding WAH pedal and definitely a worthy addition to my pedal board.

Reliability Ernie Ball makes the claim that their pedals are rugged tough, built like a tank. They are not lying.. This thing seems very sturdy.

Customer Support I haven't had any experience with Ernie Ball thus far, but I've heard good things about them from others.

Liked about it 1. It truly is built like a tank, like they say.
2. The tone is great
3. The sweep range is huge

Didn't like 1. It is somewhat pricey, versus some other WAHs.
2. It lacks any kind of range limiter, which some others have.

Overall satisfaction:

By PortlandAxe
Apr 28, 2010
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Price: $8 to $149
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at 8 stores

Noisy Wah Pedal

Ease Of Use Easy to use, sturdy design, no instruction manual, no detailed specs - like, what is the external power requirement? Aside from "9VDC" and negative center pole for the power plug, I have no idea of current draw.

Sound Used with Gibson ES-339, Fender Telecaster '52 Reissue, Epiphone LP Baritone and Taylor T-5. The pedal buzzes due to RF interference in any position on or off my board, with or without 9V battery. I know it is RF, because if I hold the pedal in my hands and wave it around, the buzz changes and even disappears in one position.

Reliability I'm sure it is well built, mechanically, but I will not use it because it is so noisy!

Customer Support I have yet to get an answer from them. Whereas their volume pedals (I have a VP-JR) are well supported, the Wah seems to be an orphan. Bad support.

Liked about it I liked the construction, the design features (LED lights, smooth mechanical action) and the adjustability. I also liked the fact that the inputs were all on the end, compatible with my pedal board

Didn't like It buzzes. That is a deal killer for me, and is the ONLY thing wrong with the pedal.

Overall satisfaction:

By Larry d'Lion
Aug 09, 2011
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Price: $8 to $149
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at 8 stores

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